Monday, January 24, 2011

being productive

or so I wish I am LOL!! XD haven't update anything related to my work for awhile. so here goes!!!

and last but not least!!! MY 1ST COMMISSION!!! DONE!!! ;______; I am happy. didn't think anybody would wanna commission me OTL I am very grateful & happy. ;_________;

:T there are other sketches/drawing (digital & traditional) buuuttt... I figured, it's better not to put em here. XD go to my TWITPIC for some w.i.p and de-stressing doodles LOL! and I am just too lazy to scan my sketch book =A= scanner are nasty beings LOL! (LAZY! XD)

OH!! and commission is still open if you are interested!! 8D COMMISH INFO

rite. TTYL! XD

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