Saturday, February 28, 2009

struck by Rainism

lol... feel like sharing some Bi / Rain stuff here today xD

Rain is one of those artist that really struck me from the beginning xD I still rmmbr the 1st time I heard his song "it's raining" on tv, I just couldn't let it go. Until now, his songs will be 1 of those that i will always play under unplanned circumstances LOL xD

other artist that is in the same situation as Rain...hmm... i would say David Archuleta... and of course Miyavi xD yeap~

so now~ RAINISM

He really can move!!!! and act 8D could you believe that at 1st nobody wanna take him who wanna be a singer because of his "double eye lids" problem pfft... he still is good looking without the double eyelids!!! t(OAOt )

the second vid was said to be written for his memory with his ex LOLOLOL 8D well nonetheless.... nice song~ xD yeap!

Soap Opera's

Seriously man!!! i don't know what got into me!!! suddenly feel like watching those telenovelas that was aired on tv once upon a time xD I wonder if you guys watch it... like...  La intrusa, Rosalinda, Prisionera...etc xD homg!! ok actually...i never really watch them properly. It was school time whenever they got aired. so yeah~ 

ANYWAY!!! lemme share some intro for the telenovelas~ it's not bad i tell you! their song is quite nice xD



La intrusa is dad punya favourite telenovela...once! xD because the story is quite nice~ not your average couple-kiss-break up-attempt of murder-reconcile-get married-the end kind of story.. xD i wish i have paid more attention to it by then. kinda regret it now aih~

for rosalinda... well...seriously I never watch it...maybe just flip thru the channels...and it's playing..then change channel kinda situation. But somehow i think this is interesting to watch xD very cheesy~~~~ i think xD omg~ i love cheese!!! *wink* but the actress really is multi talented! O_O she sang that song (i heard)  

ok...i think it's .... TOO CHEESY for me...omg... ugghh... so....cheesy... xD but i still feel like watching it xD

(got this from wiki)
Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda (born August 26, 1971 in Mexico CityMexico), commonly known as Thalía, is a Mexican singer and actress with multiple Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard nominations. In Latin America, she is regarded as the “Queen of Telenovelas” or as the “Latin Pop Diva” because her telenovelas as well her music were highly successful all around the world. She has won numerous awards in Mexico as a singer and actress. She is also a businesswoman, fashion designer, record producer and writer. Her husband is the American music executive Tommy Mottola.

like.... wow.... amazing O_O and she's pretty!!! even in the all the time sucky wikipedia picture she looks gorgeous xD

still got some...but i kinda forgot the name...maybe i'll add on later when i feel like it~!!!

Anybody know where i can download or watch online for free? (those 2 series up there) or maybe even buy the dvd.... i really wan it!!! xD

Thursday, February 26, 2009

huge hit

this is a very emo post btw...don't read if you don't want to... not worth wasting your time...

feeling of disappointment, shocked, sad, angry hit me all in 1 time. it is really excruciatingly painful. very very disappointed... very disappointed... i've never felt so, unappreciated in my entire life... the feeling is too overwhelming until i can't really hold it. it's very very painful.... my entire point of view has changed. as what Mr.Darcy said in Pride&Prejudice, "my good oppinion once lost, is lost forever". 

i'm not the type of person that will tell people how i really felt whenever I'm sad, or hurt. I don't want them to share that negative feeling. I laugh. I smile....I smile.... I just suck at expressing my other emotions other than happy... one of my friend asked me "you didn't cry ah when she(lecturer) rejected all your work?" and I said no, " so strong!" in a way...yes. but in reality, even the simplest thing can make me feel sad. things that people won't even notice. things that people take lightly of. Whenever I wanna tell a person that they hurt me, I will end up thinking "maybe they're just joking, or maybe... for them it's just a normal way to say things...or maybe..." maybe... so i ended up keeping it to myself. but sometimes, the emotion can't be cover up with fake expressions, thus lack of social interactions, lack of words usage, lost of appetites, and my whole body will be very very very exhausted. it's like, my body is trying to take a load of heavy burden and the feeling of lethargy came crashing like a huge ocean waves. I feel like spilling it all to someone, but everytime i will think of an excuse "aiya..later they say i so like to rant...and wat if they think it's troublesome?! nvm lah..." this is just like a coin bank... it keeps feeling up... and in the end, there's no more space. and what will happen by then? I couldn't help wondering.

I can type something so emo if i want to. but what for? there's no point of letting people feel bad just because you do...just that this time...i really feel very down and i just need to throw a piece of "coin" in a corner somewhere.

so yeah..i'm just too tired.

for sure i'll still be the same average loud ifa tomorrow...

on a second note!! had fun with my video group today! apart from all the near-death-humiliation part.... everything is fine! we might not be the best today (or maybe in the very final) but we tried! doesn't matter if we get low grades... as long as the experience and the time that we spent together is engraved in our memory and not to forget the knowledge & skill we learned, who cares about grades? A B C D E F ... life is not just about these alphabets. screw it.

yeah... I lack of sleep. I think i better get some shut eye b4 tmrw. 


*trivia (lol)* whenever I'm moody, my English will sound better than normal time lol!! dunno why..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

why now!!!

OAO have you ever had the feeling that your creativity juices is flowing and the urge of doing something creative is there but you can't do anything due to all the assignments that needs to be finished?

yes..i'm having it now... it's painfully killing me!!! I feel like taking up the thread and needle and start sewing!!!!! but when i think about my marketing test... and photography need to reprint...and reshoot ( eff -_- ; ) my hands feel so heavy =_= omg... i just can feel the creativity drifting away from me. *sigh* dilemma =_=

yeah... i better start reading marketing notes now... and the fact that i have to stay in school late doesn't make it any better... *depressed* 


perfect relaxation

WARNING!!! totally random stuff ahead!!!!! don't read if you kenot tahan reading bout people's lazy n pointless life~ no seriously xD


hmm....can't wait for holidays~~~ 

sleep in late~ wake up late~~ no worries about food~~~ (of course all the situation mentioned is when i'm back home xD) endless days of watching Grey's Anatomy on bed~drooling over Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy xD rofl! laughing at the silliness of the interns~ and scream over the stupidity of the residents~ with the blanket on...puffy pillows, and decent food... 

play playstation... finish up Persona3 and 4 in 1 week~ (which is quite impossible fer me xD) watch movies~ flip through channels of tv shows with a glass of fruit juice by my side. and sleep on the sofa... (i can barely remember how sofa look like ORZ) wake up to the sound of my niece calling me and poking my face asking me to help her open some chocolate bar or something. Joking with my parents, get scolded by them (I do find it amusing actually xD) whenever i don't do any house chores *cough* joking with my sisters~ stare at my little brother doing his stuff lazily~ disturb my dad sleeping by jumping on the bed n snuggle up close to him... annoy my mum with my lack of feminine some random jokes and listen to my family's laughter (well my sister did mention that the house is quiet without me around xD pfft~ OF COURSE!!)

not worrying about spending money... pick whatever I wanna drink whenever we're dining out~ (somehow i brought along my habit of ordering cheap drinks even if my parent is around xD LOL or sometimes not ordering any drinks and just food) watch my dad work in the backyard, listening to him talk eventhough i'm sleepy while he is driving~ (nobody wanna listen to him ma~ so evil like that ORZ so i listen lo ) 

wake up at 6am, play the piano till breakfast is ready, eat, and play again (eventhough i suck at it xD) read 1 book per day... and just linger around doing nothing~ LOL


xD OMG!!!!! I can feel the lazy aura all over this post man!!!!!! can you just see how lazy I am? lalalala~ behold!!! the truth! xD

but I need to err...REDUCE *cough* all this if I'm gonna try and survive the industry out there. can't be...too...."laid back" *rolleyes*

so yes...
 BE MORE RAJIN IFA!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! 

i miss my family _-_ ORZ (so shy if they read this LOL!!! lalalalallala) xD

Monday, February 23, 2009

web design2 - browser test

....I've only done 3 pages so far omg.. i'm screwed! xD BUT!! with Marketing done, and photography final done... well... basically got time to focus on web... I think... still got video final... omg... CANT WAIT FOR HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

SO anyways~ i tried my web on diff browser...


Mozilla > 800x600 (this reso kills me man xD all the huge icons!!!! watafish!!!! xD)

Mozilla > 1280x720

Mozilla > 1680x1050 (huge reso RULEZ!!!! 8D and all this time I thought i was using 1280x720 LOL)

{ MAC }
Safari > 1680x1050

yeah..... I got windows os..and mac os..but Internet Explorer _-_ can you believe it?!!!!! hmg~ xD rite!!!!! that's it! chiao~

Sunday, February 22, 2009


HEY!!!! i could adjust the youtube vid size n tab color!!!! AWESOME!!!! 8D

how can i NOT insert a vid on my previous entry bout Clazziquai?!!!! i must be out of my mind man!!!! so...i'm gonna put some vids here!! xD hohohohohoho




yeap...this is some of it 8D ENJOY PEOPLE!!!!

p/s I particularly LOVE the 1st n 2nd vid 8D


EDIT : 8D updated my playlist d~ woohoo~ listen people!! listen to it! xD


you know those times where you just HAVE to tell people about something? (eg; gossips, news, etc...) well... I found something that I just GOT to tell people about!!! xD

well I think they are popular enough~ but hey~ what's wrong with giving out some free pimps once in awhile xD (not like i'm a worthy person to give out pimps...but hey~)  i love them!! so I do this~ lalalala~ xD


some info about this awesome band..

CLAZZIQUAI, a Korean/Canadian group whose repertoire spans many genres - jazz, trance, house, and chill-out lounge being only a few of them. Their smooth combination of vocals and musical arrangement can bring relaxation even on the most frustrating of days. CLAZZIQUAI Project (also known as Clazziquai/CLAZZIQUAI or simply CZQ) boasts a total of three official and one unofficial members, all with excellent English skills.

Clazziquai was formed in 2001 as a pet project of DJ Clazzi(a.k.a. Kim Sung-hoon)’s, with Alex and Christina (who are brother and sister) as the main vocalists. A classically trained musician and a former pianist in a jazz band, Sung-hoon wanted to create jazz with a more electronic feel. After familiarizing himself with the Electronica genre, he fused the two to create his own sound - a cross between chill-out lounge and House (a brand of trance music). The band’s name, CLAZZIQUAI, is a fusion of the words classical, jazz, and groove. Their official mascot is the pig.

info taken from channel-ai

Members consist of...

 left to right :

DJ Clazzi 
Real Name: Kim Sung-hoon
Position: Producer/Composer/Arranger/Designer/Lyricist/Engineer/DJ
Birthdate: November 15, 1977
Nationality: Korean

Choi Horan
Position: Female Vocals/Lyricist
Birthdate: July 5, 1979
Nationality: Korean 

Alex Chu
Real Name: Chu Hon-goon
Position: Male Vocals
Birthdate: September 2, 1979
Nationality: Korean/Canadia

and there's 1 more unofficial member called Christina Chu (Alex's sister) eventhough she contributed a lot of vocals in their previous work~ but she's kinda busy with studies. so yeaa...

YEAP!!! that's it!!! 8D i'll try and update my playlist on their songs later on!!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

front page again

xD so i was youtube-ing for M-flo's concert in Yokohama Arena again and figured that maybe there's a torrent of their concert. So i googled "m-flo yokohama arena concert". Guess what... xD my blog name is on the 1st page again!!! LOL!!!! xD now this is interesting LOL! xD proof?

AWESOME!!! now this is the 2nd time it happened xD i find it quite amusing actually xD hahaha!! ..... yeap...

still haven't finish with photography final punya 2nd media _-_ aih... taking a break after non stop work. and it's raining~~ i can smell the rain~~ mmm~~~ rite!!! continue work!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


suddenly remembered a very bad memory.... ugghh... lost my mood for doing work.


8D i feel like eating butter prawn.... mm-hhmm....

............ PHOTOGRAPHY OMG!!! OAO *force myself to do work*

isn't this just totally random or what?! xD *cough*


I feel like revamping my blog again =_= I hate to look at the embedded youtube video jotting out like that!!! ISH! well at least in windows u can see the jotting out part... in safari you can't _3_ which.... is quite annoying... xD so yeaa~~

RITE!!!! I better go out and print my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


there's nothing better than a gruesome flash animation before breakfast!!!

hahahahahahahahaha xD epic man! epic!


OMG!!!!!! FINALLY MY PHOTOGRAPHY's CONCEPT BEEN APPROVED!!!!!!!!!! There's even 6 pictures my lecturer pick for the final!!! I am soooo damn happy man!!!!!!!!!! ;A; no....more like.... RELIEVED... happy is a bit too.....yeaaa.... mm-hm.. omg... THANK GOD MAN!!!!!! Even my dear lecturer agrees on the "thank god" phrase xD she's really worried about my final lol!! ;A; thank you wei meng!!!!!

and today oso... for the 1st time in my life in TOA (well i think it was the 1st time), somebody said "kenot speak in Chinese la, Ifa can't understand" (well something like that) to me!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! ;A; I am soooo happy and touched!!!! Thanks man! ;3; (video tutor xD i....takut spell his name wrong LOL) I really appreciate it!

and I wore baju kurung today at school... everybody keep saying "why u wear so pretty today?" or "wah...baju kurung ah...why wear baju kurung?" well for god sake people!!!!! It's just like you asking Indians why are they wearing Saree!!!!! OAO Baju kurung is still part of my culture man!! so why is it weird? ......well...maybe because i dun really wear it THAT often xD so yeah... but it's so common man =_= i mean.... aih.... nvm.... same with me listening to chinese song!! i mean.... O_o I listen to japanese, korean, english, malay, hindustan, and even russian song!!!! so why is it any difference?!!!!!! =_= sometimes, i just can't understand how people think lol xD so oh well.... dun feel like wearing baju kurung d cis... will wear it once in a blue moon xD I wonder what will their reaction be like if i wear those singlet looking thingy to school.... now THAT'S the thing that shud be questioned. LOL.

went to fotokem for the 2nd time today.... and wtf!! the saleswoman is soooo DAMN RUDE!!!! most probably she won't tahan lama working there. SUPER RUDE!!!!!! like...OMG!!! SUPER SUPER RUDE!!!!!??? *twitch eye* pig...super pig!!! I was just asking about what type of paper they got ma!!! don't have to show your UGLY-hell-i-dont-care face to me la!!! eff man!!! OAO DANG!

fine!!!! I feel like sleeping _-_ ....... toodles!!!!! 8D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cross finger + pray hard

today is the day!! Having critic for photography later in the afternoon. After 3 times changing my concept and final is just around the corner, I really really really hope my concept will get approve this time *cross finger* well....... even if she said no oso, I think i'll still stick to this current concept. There's no more time for me to change my concept man. xD wish me luck!!!!!!

honestly, this is the 1st time I have this type of difficulties! I mean....oh god! 3 times change concept with the final just next week?!!!!!!! never happened before! OAO does that mean I'm degrading?! YES!!!!!!! i guess so!!! (i'm never THAT good yeaaa....) xD

OH!! and i came upon a very pretty model today... Her name is Kristen Aubin. She's pretty OwO

I love portraits T_T ....and hands (oh wth~~) xD RITE!!! Somehow yesterday I was playing with my dslr, and I found out something very cool! (well at least for me... xD) it's like...I was snapping picture at this quite dark corner, then there's a couple .. u noe, those lights that's inside the ceiling...thingy? round shape... orange color...sometimes white xD somehow when i snap picture, I leave my exposure at the very low (under exposed) and no flash... The background wil be dark, but the objest of the photoshoot stand out really well! O_O I was like.....OMG!! awesome!!!! OoO so there's this.... mysterious feeling to the picture..kinda thing? LOL!! but yeaa.... hmm...


Monday, February 16, 2009

TOA : Torturing Our Ass

yes.... i had a very GREAT days this term... makes me wanna jump of a building (HIGH BUILDING note that..) happily and crush my skull and let the ants eat it raw...(omg i can't believe i just typed that xD)

lemme list down all the "awesome" stuff that happened so far :

Photography....changed my concept like god knows how many times. Somehow this class is too... subjective. I mean... I know we need concept sometimes, but does nobody notice that sometimes great things came out WITHOUT concept? not that my work is THAAAAAT great or something, but yeaa...u get the idea rite?! I was hoping that this class would change my personal view and interest in photography, but infact, it's the other way around. I'm starting to feel that photography is very tedious. Troublesome. A pain in the ass. Life shortening. Migrain triggerer. and whatever else u wanna call it.This class makes me dislike photography even more. I rather take photos when I feel like it, and in the same time, applying all the stuff we learn in class, instead of torturing my brain and eye (twitch twitch) on 1 particular thing. Sometimes, things doesn't need to have concept. No thank you to my DEAREST school for this.
I hope my new concept won't be rejected AGAIN. T_T if it does.....*stand at the edge of window* I'll Jump... ORZ

WELL!!! on second note (thanks Chong for droping by my blog and give some advice lol!!! lama tak jumpa man! xD).... My web design is going QUITE ooook.... Chung Kai said it's almost there _-_ well it is not THERE yet then... darnnit.. well anyway!!!! This is the almost final design of it...

yeap...that's basically it.... actually i still wanna rant somemore...but I don't want any of you guys punya eyes to bleed LOL!!!

T_T need to do more shooting today.....bugger....I just cant WAIT to end the photography subject!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Hani for being my model last week~ lemme post some pictures that I picked for my class punya sharing xD *cough*

best shot among all... lecturer said so too lol..I like it too actually xD

Eventhough all the pictures for the final got rejected (yes....R.E.J.E.C.T.E.D.) but the lecturer got say some of the pics are....quite "decent" *cough* xD

yeap...T_T until then...toodles~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ok..i just need to say this

get more exited after listening to people's review about the TV series!!! *scream*


OMG! after a very long walk today (all over pyramid while waiting for all the assignments photos to be printed out) i went to Popular bookstore and came across a book titled Little Dorrit.

a bit of info about it...(wiki *cough*)

Little Dorrit is a serial novel by Charles Dickens published originally between 1855 and 1857. It is a work of satire on the short comings of the government and society of the period.

.....oh man..i can't find find a nice summary. oh well.... if u guys wanna know more, which i think is super worth it. Go google it up xD hahaha! 

so ANYWAY!!! BBC has made an adaptation of the novels. which was played by non other than Matthew MacFadyen! WHEEEE!!!!!!!! 8D I am soooo gonna keep my eyes open for this. I wonder if anybody will upload it on youtube xD hahaha! 

Amy aka Little Dorrit
Arthur ...Matthew MacFadyen man! 8D he rocks when he played as MrDarcy! xD (pride n prejudice 2005)


I wanna watch it soooo badly!!!!! KYIAAAAAA!!!!!!! xD

....rite..... *AWAY*

Friday, February 13, 2009

for once...

i don't wanna post anything related to assignments!!!! (i'll do that tmrw LOL) so...what should i talk about? MOVIES!!!!!!!!!! 8D LETS TALK ABOUT MOVIES!!!!



like....OH MY GOD!!! I am sooooooooo gonna watch this one man! xD I watched the 1st movie like....2 TIMES in cinema LOL!!! xD It was AWESOME!!! and I got the feeling the sequel will be awesome-er!!! 8D


need i say anymore? hahaha~ Harry potter fan! 8D can't wait to see Dumbledore die...NOOooOOO *wipe tears* and i still think HarryXGinny is W.R.O.N.G!!!! it ruins EVERYTHING fer me pfft... 

3- PLANET 51

OMG!!! this is gonna be like...1 of the EPIC animation ever man!!! totally made outside of America xD CAN'T WAIT! xD super hillarious!!! in fact the 1st time i saw this trailer, karo was with me and we were like standing outside the MAC computer shop who's playing the trailers on the monitor xD and we were laughing like 2 weird people outside the shop LOL!!!!! I bet its gonna be an awesome animation!!! xD YES!

well...I'm not sure if this movie is gonna ok or not...but i just got the thing for actions stuff you see xD so yeah~ what the heck~ i'll put this in my list xD

5- X-MEN Origins : WOLVERINE
Hugh Jackman....what else can i say about this one? It's a must watch~ xD but....i dun think i'll watch this in the cinema.. i never really watch any of the other same movies in cinema...and I didn't think of making a change in yeah~ but it's on my list~

6- He's just not that into you

lol! i think this one will be  suitable for those oh-im-so-bored-and-feel-like-spending-my-time-watching-something kind of movie xD

7- While she was out

hmm.....maybe nice... the synopsis sound nice xD

Prepare yourself for the ultimate white-knuckle thrill ride trough the horrific trenches of America’s back woods. Academy AwardR winner Kim Basinger (L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, 8 MILE) delivers perhaps the most audacious performance of her illustrious career, as Della, a suburban housewife, hell bent on survival as she is mercilessly stalked by a group of teenage thugs let by a manipulative psychopath (Luke Haas of WITNESS). Armed with only a toolbox and the will to survive, can Della make it through the night, or will this pack of rabid predators have their way? Craig Sheffer (TV’s ONE TREE HILL) co-stars in this intense suspense thriller about one women, a night full of terror and the ultimate breaking point that lives in us all.


well...I think so far...that's it...i think.... 8D so yeaaaa~ feel like sleeping...

photoshoot tmrw T_T im so dead...*slam head on table*

OH and 1 more!!!

8- Duplicity

8D awesoooome~ 
CIA officer Claire Stenwick (Roberts) and MI6 agent Ray Koval (Owen) have left the world of government intelligence to cash in on the highly profitable cold war raging between two rival multinational corporations. Their mission? Secure the formula for a product that will bring a fortune to the company that patents it first. For their employers-industry titan Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson) and buccaneer CEO Dick Garsik (Paul Giamatti)- nothing is out of bounds. But as the stakes rise, the mystery deepens and the tactics get dirtier, the trickiest secret for Claire and Ray is their growing attraction. And as they each try to stay one double-cross ahead, two career loners find their schemes endangered by the only thing they can’t cheat their way out of: love.

yeaa...i love movies with elements of love~~~~ let it be family, friendship, or just between a guy and a girl~ so yeaa~~ 

OK! *OUT* xD

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

of photos...and...and...

before anything..... ANYBODY WANNA BE MY HAND MODEL!!!????? WILLING TO BELANJA ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

requirements : somebody who lives near sunway, got hands and most preferably cute/pretty/very unique hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have nothing else to say about my photography assignment. Final submission is like... couple of weeks away, and here I am... redoing... TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONCEPT!!!! WTF!!!! I.AM.SO.DEAD!!!!!!!! ;A; homg.... god help me!!!!!!!!

so my concept now is hands. I love hands actually. It's pretty. So the main thing I wanna say in this topic of mine is the beauty of hands and the personality of the owner of the hands~ xD *cough* it's more like those "see and think" kinda thing...? I want the audience to create their own story out of the pictures that i took.

I think my main problem now is.... well... I just suck at taking pictures OTL and also lighting problems T_T I feel so guilty asking people to be my models... and then make a great crappy picture pula. aih sorrylah!!!!!! ;3; forgive me dear models!!!!!!!!

SO!!! my next victim was KaRo (ur awesome woman! TwT) tried to capture her hands.... (and some other pics..LOL)

I love the way a relaxed hand looks like TwT it's just pretty.

Plus some hands from Orilia ;3; (u rock man!) LOL!

aih....typical shots... meant to be experimental shots.... but oh well~~ her finger so long punya 8D


p/s only couple of hundreds photos left to take!!!!! ..... *depressed*

Monday, February 9, 2009

of photos and b/w and failure i know WHY i loooooooove to convert my pictures to black and white SO much... because my editing skill sucks BIG TIME xD kahkahkah!!! all the photos with colors look horrible...terrible... it's a disaster!!!! OTL so i guess changing it to black and white is sorta like....a shortcut...which instead of going forward... it heads underground =_= ; hmm

so yeaaa.... this is some of the picture that i think..I ok ok saja u_u ...*continue self depression* somebody PLEASE TELL ME how shud i continue!!!! ;A; *cries*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

of photos and failure

OTL after doing some photoshoot outside... I can't help to have the feeling of failure, uncreative, and well-i-just-simply-got-no-talent thoughts. _m_ wat to do..... Just can keep reminding myself that i'm still learning!!! YES!!! LEARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BERUSAHA IFA!!!!


AND I LOST MY FRIGGIN' PENCIL CASE!!!!!!!! NOOOoooooOOOOoooOO!!!! *end of ifa's world* ;A:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Utada Hikaru : LATEST SONG!

OMG!! queen utada hikaru got a new song!!! 8D HOMG! i can't wait!! i feel like buying her album this time!!! she ROCKS!!!! x3

can't wait for her THIS IS THE ONE album!!!!! hikki!! i love you!! ;w;

go here for free preview!! --> utada hikaru-come back to me


you can listen to it by pressing the play button on my music player 8D u won't regret it i tell you LOL!!! xD


heart station pv (omg! got pv?!!!!)

decided to take down the prisoner of love pv _-_ it's ruining my blog layout...i look so different than mac OAO


O_O Tohjoh Asami is dead (and for a long time d somemore!!)?!!! *shocked* i didn't noe _-_ 1 of the popular yaoi mangaka out there *cough* suffered some head trauma due to an accident or something like that....... well not that her manga is my favourite...but yeah...she's dead?! homg! O_O 

....yeaaaa.....OK! back to procrastination!!! 8D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am a very selfish girl...8D


ANYWAYS!!! I just can't stop laughing reading this thing xD thanks to JN for sharing it with me~ taken from Pinkpau's blog...

Karangan Terbaik UPSR 2007

Pagi itu pagi minggu. Cuaca cukup sejuk sehingga mencapai takat suhu beku. Sebab itu saya tidak mandi pagi sebab air kolah jadi air batu dan air paip tidak mahu keluar sebab beku di dalam batang paip. Pagi itu saya bersarapan dengan keluarga di dalam unggun api kerana tidak tahan sejuk. Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya menemaninya ke pasar. Tetapi saya tidak mahu.

Selepas emak menikam perut saya berkali-kali dengan garfu barulah saya bersetuju untuk mengikutnya. Kami berjalan sejauh 120 kilometer kerana pasar itu letaknya 128 kilometer dari rumah. Lagi 8 kilometer nak sampai pasar saya ternampak sebuah lori kontena meluru dengan laju dari arah belakang.

Dia melanggar emak saya. Emak saya tercampak ke dalam gaung. Dia menjerit “Adoi!”. Lepas itu emak saya naik semula dan mengejar lori tersebut. Saya pun turut berlari di belakang emak saya kerana takut emak saya melanggar lori itu pula. Pemandu lori itu nampak kami mengejarnya. Dia pun memecut lebih laju iaitu sama dengan kelajuan cahaya. Kami pula terpaksa mengejar dengan lebih laju iaitu sama dengan dua kali ganda kelajuan cahaya. Emak saya dapat menerajang tayar depan lori itu. Lori itu terbabas dan melanggar pembahagi jalan lalu bertembung dengan sebuah feri. Feri itu terbelah dua.

Penumpang feri itu yang seramai 100 orang semuanya mati. Pemandu feri itu sangat marah. Dia pun bertukar menjadi Ultraman dan memfire pemandu lori. Pemandu lori menekan butang khas di dalam lori dia..lori itu bertukar menjadi robot Transformer. Mereka bergaduh di udara. Emak saya tidak puas hati. Dia! pun terus menyewa sebuah helikopter di Genting Highlands dan terus ke tempat kemalangan. Dia melanggar pemandu feri yang telah bertukar menjadi Ultraman itu.

Pemandu feri itu terkejut dan terus bertukar menjadi pemandu feri semula lalu terhempas ke jalanraya. Pemandu feri itu pecah. Pemandu lori sangat takut melihat kejadian itu. Dia meminta maaf dari emak saya. Dia menghulurkan tangan ingin bersalam. Tetapi emak saya masih marah. Dia menyendengkan helikopternya dan mengerat tangan pemandu lori itu dengan kipas helikopter. Pemandu lori itu menjerit “Adoi..!” dan jatuh ke bumi. Emak say menghantar helikopter itu ke Genting Highlands. Bila dia balik ke tempat kejadian, dia terus memukul pemandu lori itu dengan beg tangannya sambil memarahi pemandu lori itu di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Pemandu lori itu tidak dapat menjawab sebab emak saya cakap orang putih. Lalu pemandu lori itu mati. Tidak lama kemudian kereta polis pun sampai. Dia membuat lapuran ke ibu pejabatnya tentang kemalangan ngeri itu. Semua anggota polis di pejabat polis itu terperanjat lalu mati. Orang ramai mengerumuni tempat kejadian kerana ingin mengetahui apa yang telah terjadi. Polis yang bertugas cuba menyuraikan orang ramai lalu dia menjerit menggunakan pembesar suara. Orang ramai terperanjat dan semuanya mati.

Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya ke pasar untuk mengelak lebih ramai lagi yang akan mati. Di pasar, emak saya menceritakan kejadian itu kepada penjual daging. Penjual daging dan peniaga-peniaga berhampiran yang mendengar cerita itu semuanya terkejut dan mati. Saya dan emak saya terus berlari balik ke rumah. Kerana terlalu penat sebaik saja sampai di rumah kami pun mati. Itulah kemalangan yang paling ngeri yang pernah saya lihat sebelum saya mati.


EPIC MAN!! I wish I was THIS creative during my UPSR year xD hahahahahahaha!!!! It's a wonder if this kid didn't pass with flying colors xD *laugh my ass off*

Monday, February 2, 2009

of photos and lazyness

....result of procrastination...OTL

OMG!! I SUCK!!!! OAO ;; *depressed*

web design 2 - Digital




Yeap! this is my design for Anakku website.

*I decided to use the corporate color for the navigation bar, and also some of the other elements inside.
*I picked yellowish-creamy color with patterns to make the contents stand out more and the contrast between blue and yellow add more dynamic to the content.
*Everytime the user click on the navigation bar, the sub links will appear at the right hand side.
*There's a sitemap link underneath.
*Refer to 2nd pic : Not a real Anakku boutique picture xD

Is it too boxy? I wonder if it needs more images...should I put more images? hmmm...