Saturday, February 28, 2009

Soap Opera's

Seriously man!!! i don't know what got into me!!! suddenly feel like watching those telenovelas that was aired on tv once upon a time xD I wonder if you guys watch it... like...  La intrusa, Rosalinda, Prisionera...etc xD homg!! ok actually...i never really watch them properly. It was school time whenever they got aired. so yeah~ 

ANYWAY!!! lemme share some intro for the telenovelas~ it's not bad i tell you! their song is quite nice xD



La intrusa is dad punya favourite telenovela...once! xD because the story is quite nice~ not your average couple-kiss-break up-attempt of murder-reconcile-get married-the end kind of story.. xD i wish i have paid more attention to it by then. kinda regret it now aih~

for rosalinda... well...seriously I never watch it...maybe just flip thru the channels...and it's playing..then change channel kinda situation. But somehow i think this is interesting to watch xD very cheesy~~~~ i think xD omg~ i love cheese!!! *wink* but the actress really is multi talented! O_O she sang that song (i heard)  

ok...i think it's .... TOO CHEESY for me...omg... ugghh... so....cheesy... xD but i still feel like watching it xD

(got this from wiki)
Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda (born August 26, 1971 in Mexico CityMexico), commonly known as Thalía, is a Mexican singer and actress with multiple Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard nominations. In Latin America, she is regarded as the “Queen of Telenovelas” or as the “Latin Pop Diva” because her telenovelas as well her music were highly successful all around the world. She has won numerous awards in Mexico as a singer and actress. She is also a businesswoman, fashion designer, record producer and writer. Her husband is the American music executive Tommy Mottola.

like.... wow.... amazing O_O and she's pretty!!! even in the all the time sucky wikipedia picture she looks gorgeous xD

still got some...but i kinda forgot the name...maybe i'll add on later when i feel like it~!!!

Anybody know where i can download or watch online for free? (those 2 series up there) or maybe even buy the dvd.... i really wan it!!! xD


  1. i watch german gay soap operas XDDD
    german hunks are so cute 8DDD

  2. ......oook....hani... u are soooooo weird!!!!!!!! *runs* xD