Thursday, February 19, 2009


OMG!!!!!! FINALLY MY PHOTOGRAPHY's CONCEPT BEEN APPROVED!!!!!!!!!! There's even 6 pictures my lecturer pick for the final!!! I am soooo damn happy man!!!!!!!!!! ;A; no....more like.... RELIEVED... happy is a bit too.....yeaaa.... mm-hm.. omg... THANK GOD MAN!!!!!! Even my dear lecturer agrees on the "thank god" phrase xD she's really worried about my final lol!! ;A; thank you wei meng!!!!!

and today oso... for the 1st time in my life in TOA (well i think it was the 1st time), somebody said "kenot speak in Chinese la, Ifa can't understand" (well something like that) to me!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! ;A; I am soooo happy and touched!!!! Thanks man! ;3; (video tutor xD i....takut spell his name wrong LOL) I really appreciate it!

and I wore baju kurung today at school... everybody keep saying "why u wear so pretty today?" or "wah...baju kurung ah...why wear baju kurung?" well for god sake people!!!!! It's just like you asking Indians why are they wearing Saree!!!!! OAO Baju kurung is still part of my culture man!! so why is it weird? ......well...maybe because i dun really wear it THAT often xD so yeah... but it's so common man =_= i mean.... aih.... nvm.... same with me listening to chinese song!! i mean.... O_o I listen to japanese, korean, english, malay, hindustan, and even russian song!!!! so why is it any difference?!!!!!! =_= sometimes, i just can't understand how people think lol xD so oh well.... dun feel like wearing baju kurung d cis... will wear it once in a blue moon xD I wonder what will their reaction be like if i wear those singlet looking thingy to school.... now THAT'S the thing that shud be questioned. LOL.

went to fotokem for the 2nd time today.... and wtf!! the saleswoman is soooo DAMN RUDE!!!! most probably she won't tahan lama working there. SUPER RUDE!!!!!! like...OMG!!! SUPER SUPER RUDE!!!!!??? *twitch eye* pig...super pig!!! I was just asking about what type of paper they got ma!!! don't have to show your UGLY-hell-i-dont-care face to me la!!! eff man!!! OAO DANG!

fine!!!! I feel like sleeping _-_ ....... toodles!!!!! 8D


  1. omg people should do that for me too!!
    "don't speak in chinese la, joyce don't understand" T_T

    oh well, at least i get to learn some words!

    hahaha ifa i realized even when you're happy or angry or sad your entries all sound very hyper and er expressive 8D

  2. TwT well ya la... can learn a bit la...but most of the time, i just can't catch up. I feel like i'm like a shadow or u noe.... the wall or somethin xD

    ..... I think i overused the exclamation mark already xD hahahaha!

  3. you are welcome.
    and my name spell like this,

    wei peow

  4. aiyak... xD wasn't expecting you to read that post... ahem....

    wei peow...rite...i'll try n remember xD

  5. What try!? Is a must ok! wait for the chance la. hohoho!