Wednesday, February 11, 2009

of photos...and...and...

before anything..... ANYBODY WANNA BE MY HAND MODEL!!!????? WILLING TO BELANJA ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

requirements : somebody who lives near sunway, got hands and most preferably cute/pretty/very unique hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have nothing else to say about my photography assignment. Final submission is like... couple of weeks away, and here I am... redoing... TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONCEPT!!!! WTF!!!! I.AM.SO.DEAD!!!!!!!! ;A; homg.... god help me!!!!!!!!

so my concept now is hands. I love hands actually. It's pretty. So the main thing I wanna say in this topic of mine is the beauty of hands and the personality of the owner of the hands~ xD *cough* it's more like those "see and think" kinda thing...? I want the audience to create their own story out of the pictures that i took.

I think my main problem now is.... well... I just suck at taking pictures OTL and also lighting problems T_T I feel so guilty asking people to be my models... and then make a great crappy picture pula. aih sorrylah!!!!!! ;3; forgive me dear models!!!!!!!!

SO!!! my next victim was KaRo (ur awesome woman! TwT) tried to capture her hands.... (and some other pics..LOL)

I love the way a relaxed hand looks like TwT it's just pretty.

Plus some hands from Orilia ;3; (u rock man!) LOL!

aih....typical shots... meant to be experimental shots.... but oh well~~ her finger so long punya 8D


p/s only couple of hundreds photos left to take!!!!! ..... *depressed*


  1. wth. take down that obscene photo man O___O i'll sue you!!


  2. IT'S NOT OBSCENE!!!!! xD it's ART!!!!!!!!

  3. hey after u convert to bnw somehow they look good! 8D

    whee~ *middle finger*

  4. indecent KARO!!! tsk tsk!! xD

    i think im gonna make all my photos in black n white u_u aih