Sunday, February 1, 2009

Renai Shashin

This is 1 of those movies that I'll do anything just to get my hands on the DVD!!! SERIOUSLY!! The last time i watched this was when I'm in form...2...i think...and it is still stuck in my head! can you just imagine the impact of this movie to me??!! IT IS TO DIE FOR!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! OAO

A brief but true love develops between Makoto and the girl of his dreams, Shizuru. But Makoto becomes jealous of Shizuru's photographic skill, which far outmatches his. He decides to leave Shizuru, and promises to return to her when he has fulfilled his dreams. But three years later, he has still not furthered his career. He receives a letter from Shizuru from New York one day, and decides to return and find her. But upon his arrival, he learns of a shocking and impossible revelation.

YEAP! I'm gonna try and find the DVD again in Sunway Pyramid. somehow all the shops that i asked said they don't have this DVD! I mean....they didn't even check!!! they just show their "thinking-face" for couple of seconds, and say "oh...tak ada" like WTF!! HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW IF U DIDN'T EVEN MAKE AN EFFORT TO CHECK?!!!!!! WTF MAN!!! I am soooo pissed!!! and even worst... There's 1 girl when I told her the title "renai shashin" from her face I could tell the she have totally NO IDEA of what I'm saying!!!! yet...she PRETEND to know it by searching it on the new release Japanese drama,Korean and Anime corner!!!! like WTF!!! IT'S A JAPANESE MOVIE FOR GOD SAKE!!! If you don't know....don't ACT as if you know!!!!!! 

next time... I'm gonna walk around the inside of the shop 1st and find an almost abandoned CD, memorize the name, and purposely go to the counter and ask whether they got the title or not. If they say no....hell I'm gonna march to the cd rack and take the CD and chuck it on the counter!! I AM SERIOUS! this stuff happened to me before. And I did almost the same thing. Hey...I'm not evil ok! I just want them to realize what they are doing is wrong and if you wanna continue working, at least make an effort. =_= we're talking about making money here!!!!! I can be evil if I want to. aha~

so yeah~~


*The main actor played as Honjou Ren in NANA live action OTL no wonder he looks familiar!!! xD 
*There was a new remake for this movie called Heavenly Forest! The guy actor was played by Hiroshi Tamaki 8D HOMG! hahahaha!

p/s but somehow i prefer the 1st one...yeap! BACK TO WORK!!! 8D

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