Saturday, February 28, 2009

struck by Rainism

lol... feel like sharing some Bi / Rain stuff here today xD

Rain is one of those artist that really struck me from the beginning xD I still rmmbr the 1st time I heard his song "it's raining" on tv, I just couldn't let it go. Until now, his songs will be 1 of those that i will always play under unplanned circumstances LOL xD

other artist that is in the same situation as Rain...hmm... i would say David Archuleta... and of course Miyavi xD yeap~

so now~ RAINISM

He really can move!!!! and act 8D could you believe that at 1st nobody wanna take him who wanna be a singer because of his "double eye lids" problem pfft... he still is good looking without the double eyelids!!! t(OAOt )

the second vid was said to be written for his memory with his ex LOLOLOL 8D well nonetheless.... nice song~ xD yeap!

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