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EDIT : 8D updated my playlist d~ woohoo~ listen people!! listen to it! xD


you know those times where you just HAVE to tell people about something? (eg; gossips, news, etc...) well... I found something that I just GOT to tell people about!!! xD

well I think they are popular enough~ but hey~ what's wrong with giving out some free pimps once in awhile xD (not like i'm a worthy person to give out pimps...but hey~)  i love them!! so I do this~ lalalala~ xD


some info about this awesome band..

CLAZZIQUAI, a Korean/Canadian group whose repertoire spans many genres - jazz, trance, house, and chill-out lounge being only a few of them. Their smooth combination of vocals and musical arrangement can bring relaxation even on the most frustrating of days. CLAZZIQUAI Project (also known as Clazziquai/CLAZZIQUAI or simply CZQ) boasts a total of three official and one unofficial members, all with excellent English skills.

Clazziquai was formed in 2001 as a pet project of DJ Clazzi(a.k.a. Kim Sung-hoon)’s, with Alex and Christina (who are brother and sister) as the main vocalists. A classically trained musician and a former pianist in a jazz band, Sung-hoon wanted to create jazz with a more electronic feel. After familiarizing himself with the Electronica genre, he fused the two to create his own sound - a cross between chill-out lounge and House (a brand of trance music). The band’s name, CLAZZIQUAI, is a fusion of the words classical, jazz, and groove. Their official mascot is the pig.

info taken from channel-ai

Members consist of...

 left to right :

DJ Clazzi 
Real Name: Kim Sung-hoon
Position: Producer/Composer/Arranger/Designer/Lyricist/Engineer/DJ
Birthdate: November 15, 1977
Nationality: Korean

Choi Horan
Position: Female Vocals/Lyricist
Birthdate: July 5, 1979
Nationality: Korean 

Alex Chu
Real Name: Chu Hon-goon
Position: Male Vocals
Birthdate: September 2, 1979
Nationality: Korean/Canadia

and there's 1 more unofficial member called Christina Chu (Alex's sister) eventhough she contributed a lot of vocals in their previous work~ but she's kinda busy with studies. so yeaa...

YEAP!!! that's it!!! 8D i'll try and update my playlist on their songs later on!!


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