Monday, February 9, 2009

of photos and b/w and failure i know WHY i loooooooove to convert my pictures to black and white SO much... because my editing skill sucks BIG TIME xD kahkahkah!!! all the photos with colors look horrible...terrible... it's a disaster!!!! OTL so i guess changing it to black and white is sorta like....a shortcut...which instead of going forward... it heads underground =_= ; hmm

so yeaaa.... this is some of the picture that i think..I ok ok saja u_u ...*continue self depression* somebody PLEASE TELL ME how shud i continue!!!! ;A; *cries*


  1. b and w photos look nicer on a textures or noise!

  2. really?! i didn't noe that!!! O_O THANKS KENNY!!!! ;x; is sucking away my soul! LOL!