Monday, February 23, 2009

web design2 - browser test

....I've only done 3 pages so far omg.. i'm screwed! xD BUT!! with Marketing done, and photography final done... well... basically got time to focus on web... I think... still got video final... omg... CANT WAIT FOR HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

SO anyways~ i tried my web on diff browser...


Mozilla > 800x600 (this reso kills me man xD all the huge icons!!!! watafish!!!! xD)

Mozilla > 1280x720

Mozilla > 1680x1050 (huge reso RULEZ!!!! 8D and all this time I thought i was using 1280x720 LOL)

{ MAC }
Safari > 1680x1050

yeah..... I got windows os..and mac os..but Internet Explorer _-_ can you believe it?!!!!! hmg~ xD rite!!!!! that's it! chiao~

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