Saturday, February 14, 2009

ok..i just need to say this

get more exited after listening to people's review about the TV series!!! *scream*


OMG! after a very long walk today (all over pyramid while waiting for all the assignments photos to be printed out) i went to Popular bookstore and came across a book titled Little Dorrit.

a bit of info about it...(wiki *cough*)

Little Dorrit is a serial novel by Charles Dickens published originally between 1855 and 1857. It is a work of satire on the short comings of the government and society of the period.

.....oh man..i can't find find a nice summary. oh well.... if u guys wanna know more, which i think is super worth it. Go google it up xD hahaha! 

so ANYWAY!!! BBC has made an adaptation of the novels. which was played by non other than Matthew MacFadyen! WHEEEE!!!!!!!! 8D I am soooo gonna keep my eyes open for this. I wonder if anybody will upload it on youtube xD hahaha! 

Amy aka Little Dorrit
Arthur ...Matthew MacFadyen man! 8D he rocks when he played as MrDarcy! xD (pride n prejudice 2005)


I wanna watch it soooo badly!!!!! KYIAAAAAA!!!!!!! xD

....rite..... *AWAY*

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  1. Fab preview!!! I hadn't seen that yet. BUT I have seen the series and it is wonderful and beautiful and if you thought Matthew Macfadyen was HUBBA HUBBA (thud) as Darcy- watch out!!!!!!! Arthur Clennam is Darcy and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

    Don't miss this one- Airing March 29th on Masterpiece!!!