Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cross finger + pray hard

today is the day!! Having critic for photography later in the afternoon. After 3 times changing my concept and final is just around the corner, I really really really hope my concept will get approve this time *cross finger* well....... even if she said no oso, I think i'll still stick to this current concept. There's no more time for me to change my concept man. xD wish me luck!!!!!!

honestly, this is the 1st time I have this type of difficulties! I mean....oh god! 3 times change concept with the final just next week?!!!!!!! never happened before! OAO does that mean I'm degrading?! YES!!!!!!! i guess so!!! (i'm never THAT good yeaaa....) xD

OH!! and i came upon a very pretty model today... Her name is Kristen Aubin. She's pretty OwO

I love portraits T_T ....and hands (oh wth~~) xD RITE!!! Somehow yesterday I was playing with my dslr, and I found out something very cool! (well at least for me... xD) it's like...I was snapping picture at this quite dark corner, then there's a couple .. u noe, those lights that's inside the ceiling...thingy? round shape... orange color...sometimes white xD somehow when i snap picture, I leave my exposure at the very low (under exposed) and no flash... The background wil be dark, but the objest of the photoshoot stand out really well! O_O I was like.....OMG!! awesome!!!! OoO so there's this.... mysterious feeling to the picture..kinda thing? LOL!! but yeaa.... hmm...


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