Monday, February 16, 2009

TOA : Torturing Our Ass

yes.... i had a very GREAT days this term... makes me wanna jump of a building (HIGH BUILDING note that..) happily and crush my skull and let the ants eat it raw...(omg i can't believe i just typed that xD)

lemme list down all the "awesome" stuff that happened so far :

Photography....changed my concept like god knows how many times. Somehow this class is too... subjective. I mean... I know we need concept sometimes, but does nobody notice that sometimes great things came out WITHOUT concept? not that my work is THAAAAAT great or something, but yeaa...u get the idea rite?! I was hoping that this class would change my personal view and interest in photography, but infact, it's the other way around. I'm starting to feel that photography is very tedious. Troublesome. A pain in the ass. Life shortening. Migrain triggerer. and whatever else u wanna call it.This class makes me dislike photography even more. I rather take photos when I feel like it, and in the same time, applying all the stuff we learn in class, instead of torturing my brain and eye (twitch twitch) on 1 particular thing. Sometimes, things doesn't need to have concept. No thank you to my DEAREST school for this.
I hope my new concept won't be rejected AGAIN. T_T if it does.....*stand at the edge of window* I'll Jump... ORZ

WELL!!! on second note (thanks Chong for droping by my blog and give some advice lol!!! lama tak jumpa man! xD).... My web design is going QUITE ooook.... Chung Kai said it's almost there _-_ well it is not THERE yet then... darnnit.. well anyway!!!! This is the almost final design of it...

yeap...that's basically it.... actually i still wanna rant somemore...but I don't want any of you guys punya eyes to bleed LOL!!!

T_T need to do more shooting today.....bugger....I just cant WAIT to end the photography subject!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Hani for being my model last week~ lemme post some pictures that I picked for my class punya sharing xD *cough*

best shot among all... lecturer said so too lol..I like it too actually xD

Eventhough all the pictures for the final got rejected (yes....R.E.J.E.C.T.E.D.) but the lecturer got say some of the pics are....quite "decent" *cough* xD

yeap...T_T until then...toodles~


  1. WOAH really stressful ya your term
    note to self, prepare to battle for next term
    anyway the pics riitteee
    the 3rd one i RAWKS! XDD
    but 1st and 2nd...=A=
    damn girly *puke*

    my nenek punya pics didnt get picked DD8

  2. YESS HANI!!! IT IS STRESSFULL!!!!! ;A; but i think you guys will be ok least not short term... but then that means ur suffering will be longer hohoohohoh xD

    I like the 1st girly picture ceh xD

    ;A; she didn't pick that one!!!!! omg... but she like ur sis punya xD tell ur sister LOL!!!