Saturday, February 1, 2014

Things and whatnots

Hello there.

I'm supposed to be on my bed, reading & sleeping, but i made the mistake of going downstairs to retrieve my phone charger when grandma and mom are clearly still wide awake. Downstairs. Caught up listening to their ramblings about grandma's recent trips and about family stuff. I will sleep soon. Sorry sayang.

Decided to do something interesting tomorrow. Anything! As long as I can manage to accomplish something by the end of the day! :) So fingers-crossed to that.

Is in love with this metal plate gift from my +1. Ain't he the sweetest? :)


Who would've thought, it is already 2014!

Life has been passing by in a slur of blurry images. I am a bit worried, the reality that I am wasting my time by doing nothing. Nothing at all. Been too immersed with the social medias and networks. Seeing success that was abundantly received by others. From student life, to travelling, to food, social life; how i envy them. Then again, I suppose they deserved it. When I'm wasting my time, flattening my butt siting in front of the monitor.


The good side is, I'm the type who usually forget stuff easily. So I could be all depressed one minute, and be all happy and motivated next. I suppose It's a good skill to have, but it is getting harder to forget these days and it is making me feel a little bit miserable I suppose.

Maybe I'll actually pick up my pencil and draw today :)

Yeah, maybe I will.

I should.

Happy New Year everybody!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art dump again

Haven't post anything related to my personal work for quite some time too. :) so here's another galaxy piece.

Holiday is ending

So I'm currently blogging through my iPhone. Talk abt painful convenience pfft. My phone screen is just too small for blogging u_u

Anyways, school is starting pretty soon boohoo. Recent updates on my side, stuff I did recently during last few days of my holidays, well not much really :/ I started back on my music class! I am seriously enjoying it! I got 2 wonderful kind teacher. They have been far too generous to me :) made me happy learning in under their guidance :) when I first registered, I was given, totally unnecessary, qualifying test by this teacher. She was so strict that even when I was playing, I was sure my fingers were experiencing minor earthquakes!!! She even admitted that I was lucky enough not to be under her. I think so too! I don't think I can handle the pressure. In my opinion, learning is all about the experience apart from the knowledge itself. I don't think I would enjoy studying under pressure :/ so I consider myself lucky! :) I'm gonna be performing too, god willing, in my music school's Xmas party sort of event. GUESS WHAT SONG IM GONNA BE PERFORMING!! My teacher requested me to,  so I'm playing eternity~ memory of lightwaves!! From final fantasy x-2!! One of my favorite solo piece :) I am nervous yet excited at the same time too! All the best to me!!

I've also taken up archery for my sport in uni. Is excited! Nervous. Excited. It's nice to have extra activities to do outside of my school :) I am happy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pour it all

I recently bought a new note/sketchpad. it measures 10.5x10.5 cm. It's a very cute book if i dare say so myself. The cover had my initial on it. well initial to my 1st name. a big, rainbow-colored, letter "i". Friend persuaded on me getting this since it was a close call between another different design (though i am pretty sure he said that just so he can get my arse away from the stationery section) I swear, every time i went to the stationery section, it's like hunting for treasure. ok more like finding treasures but have limited space in your knapsack or something -Or in my case, a downside on my economic state- so you'd have to make a life altering decision in which treasure to bring back with you. Le sigh.

I was thinking of filling this baby with things that i have hard time saying out loud, but seeing how i always leave my stuff laying around, so that plan was a no go. Maybe someday, when i have my own place, i'll start keeping diaries. For now, i'll settle with writing down parts of song lyrics that gave me that pang, some interesting facts & quotes, random drawings & facts about myself. You can say this is a part of my effort in discovering myself. i suppose.

Holiday is not ending anytime soon. I'm getting tired of it. 3 month holiday is just too much. So far, the things that i have done during my free time;

  • draw
  • sleep
  • more sleep
  • watch videos
  • eat
  • went out with friends (seldom)
  • clean room (3 days, and not even close to finishing)
  • with phone (breaking personal record in tap sonic)
  • tv
  • more tv
  • read books on my mobile phone (books that will probably not improve my vocabulary range whatsoever)

Finding part-time job is one of the option, but i don't have the transport. so that would be a bit of a problem. Some friends suggested opening commissions, but lately my drive in drawing went a little bit downhill. 

what the hell happened?!

p/s craving for a good cinnamon roll