Sunday, October 31, 2010

miku fanart again

didn't have time to draw anything but this today T_T is busy with project n all.

time: few hours. on & off while doing project orz
tool: as usual

did a lot of Miku fanart lately. haven't count the ones I myself rejected. and tons of ugly sketches. heh.

I just love miku's hair color ;A; and the overall design of the character!!! 1 of my fav! and the only character that I don't hate the weird hair color. LOL

so yeaahhh

Saturday, October 30, 2010

hetalia: SPAIN

8D ugh~ almost abandon my blog. Tumblr is just so CONVENIENT!!! but I couldn't abandon my blog in the end TwT haha!!

so I did this piece today. a practice piece turn out... ok I guess XD hahaha!

spain is traveling 8D he is calling romano. ORZ! somehow the piece that I did before of romano, he is taking out the phone out of his pocket. LOL!! feels like there is a connection between this piece, and that piece. XD coincidence much?

time: 2 hours ++
tool: photoshopCS4

ah~ i really should get back to my work... like seriously ifa =_= *close photoshop* sobs

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cloudless night sky

*vomit blood n guts*

I promised myself to make something rather... complete. orz!! and so this was born! basically an abandoned piece of Hatsune Miku fanart which I just remembered recently _-_ and decided to finish it. this piece has undergo some MAJOR changes since the 1st draft LOL. ah~ it was serious fun doing this. Since I don't really draw this kind of work (with complete background etc) much.

...basically a procrastination piece. (running away from *cough* work *cough*)

so yeaaa.

tempted to make this into my wallpaper. but then isn't that considered narcissistic? LOL! XD

A LOT OF REFERENCES USED! especially the buildings =_= pffff and guitar. I'm no genius ok~ XD OH! and of course endless stream of l' arc~en~ciel songs 8D to keep me going.

time: 2 days forgot how long
tool: photoshop cs4


only 2 tho. ORZ! kinda..forgot to make records tsk.

pss: expecting myself to make more of these kind of work.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sketch request pt.2

WOAAAHHHH!!! FINALLY DONE!!! OAO suppose to be just sketches!!!!!! but took me like ages to finish orz orz orz

so here goes

POKETALIA!!!!! it's Vevesaur and Chigimon *orz* excuse the lameness. this was fun to draw! guess who's with the pokeball 8D

MECHA!!! I apologize if it doesn't look like one =A= I don't draw mecha, and I don't watch mecha related anime or read mecha related manga. Tho I am a big fan of transformers! XD hahaha!! ...well I do read /watch Vandread. A bit of Gurren Lagaan.... but that's about it _-_

Original character of the requester, Aura. digging the shoes. it's friggin tall! but can't really see now huh?... orz

since I like to put "/slapself" in my comments, so somebody requested this LOL! sorry if it doesn't look like slapping myself. wanted to put more blood, but naaahhh~~ XD

and last but not least~ requested by myself LOL! XD iyaaaa~~~~ the only one with colors *cough* ROUGH ON THO! 8D if that make any difference. ahem~

ok~ I'm gonna go watch tele.. I MEAN do my work now!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketch request pt.1

8D so I sorta open 10 slots for sketch request. just for fun! XD I can practice more too! so here are the first 5 requests.

LOL! my friend requested either draw shinji x the female mc from p3p, or Rui (a mascot for our group) T_T wanted to draw the fmc n rui more... so I have to add in shinji ORZ!!!! oh well~~

this one was weeeeiiirrrddd!! XD but weird is awesome!! it's a combination of squid n pomeranian !!! LOL!!!! XD

now this one was fun to draw!! the requester asked for a fantasy world that contains my fav character. 8D and since I am sooo into Togainu no Chi lately *cough* Shiki n Aki in alice in wonderland. ORZ!! T_T if only i show the wonderland more! dang it!!

tsundere shota. nuff said XD

aaaaand a pirate!!!!! 8D

phew!! did all this in 6-8 hours! OAO IT WAS HELL FUN! no seriously!! OAO now still got 5 more slots. which is still unfilled. 8D YAY!

keep em coming!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Double meme

did it with bedebah jia ning. cincai do! /slap

can't really see the thing. blogspot resized the pic. tsk. go here for fullview.

ISH!! the nicest one would probably be you bai cai/chai (wtevr) jn. tsk tsk tsk


basically the only work I'm gonna be doing tonight, since I'll be busy after this T_T ugh. signage & logo design yo!

I love Romano! OAO & to all you fans out there, I AM REAAAALLY sorry for drawing him with this super gay but rather cute (imho) pose tsk.

and due to some..... extreme boredness *cough* yeaa rite *cough* 8D was tempted to do this version. *facepalm* but think better of it LOL!!! I'm just not cut for this kind of drawing *cough* I'd die blushing with blood gushing out of my nose before I could complete anything. LOL

but hey~~ what the heck 8D gray hand! FTW!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

NOT Miku

she is nooootttt!! *facepalm* art request from a friend of mine. ;D hope you like it scott. Eventho she really reminds me of Miku *facepalm*

time: 6 hours plus. includes procrastination time 8D
tool: photoshopCS4

ah~~ I really really had fun drawing this!!!!!!!! that I decided to take shots of the progress 8D

the 3rd pic. LOL i almost forgot to snap a pic. that's why the head part is a bit colored in already XD rather satisfied with how the whole thing turned out to be. and love doing the face!

she reminds me of the ocean in summer. *nods* tempted to put sunflower as the background, but considering I don't really like sunflowers, so I decided not to 8D tsk.

yeap!!!! now... on with other project *sobs*

Saturday, October 23, 2010


XD I can't sleep last night. So i decided to sketch something in my sketchbook instead. tsk. wasn't expecting it to be like this in the end. XD I guess, I really have plenty of time in my hand.

-click on image for larger view. (like u guys didn't noe pfff)- XD

the small barely able to see box at the corner there.

time: 2hours inking. sketch is a few min.
tool: pencil, paper, photoshop

HAHAHAHA!! actually at 1st there's only the part of this 2 person sitting, well almost kissing *cough* but i added stuff here n there~ then tadaaahhhh. orz orz.

geh. haven't draw manga like stuff for so long!!!! OAO practically years! this was FUN TO DO!!! YEAH!!! a good practice.

character is my own. ugh not satisfied with the dude =_= and they are still nameless pffff.


my 1st ever livestream!! OAO with only 2 viewers!! including me ffffff!!! XD thanks for staying Aurelia Liu LOL! eventho u so bising, I bertahan juga. HAHAHAHA!!!

see what i drew.

and other random ones... which I don't even wanna mention. LOL!! IT WAS FULL OF PRESSURE!!!! OAO fffffff!!!

8D do drop by!!!

Coffy & Tea

"hey sister, time for your bath"

FFFFFF!!! (slapped myself hard in the face after typing that out) they are sibling and perfectly normal! just that my head is a bit twisted. tsk.

Ah. decided to make a fanart out of the mascot of Comic Fiesta, Coffy & Tea. can say that after I've looked at all the countdown artworks, I got a bit overdose on these 2 characters. LOL! so did this just for fun ;D

T_T there's a convention coming up & I am not sure whether I can go or not!!! I am saaaaaddddd!! *sobs* time: 4-5 hours tool: as usual. Coffy & Tea belong to their respective owner. Artwork belongs to me ;D

time: 4-5 hours
tool: photoshopCS4

Friday, October 22, 2010

Belldandy & etc

FINALLY DONE WITH THIS ONE!!!! OAO quite a challenge for me since I don't reaaaally draw frills. or huge dresses often. It was hell lotta fun!!! seriously!! despite all the "fs" and "craps" 8D i enjoyed the process!

time: lost count
tool: as per usual

ah~ picking the colors are not easy T__T I am really grateful for photoshop's hue and saturation option. haha! just slide the color bar ;D and yeaaa~ tempted to use super psychedelic color for this, but I figured it won't suit the character herself.

well, maybe there's still a bit proportion problem there. She's holding a letter btw T_T how can I forget the red wax thingy & envelope?! tsk. can't stop analyzing all my work once I'm done with it =A= and mistakes tend to appear right after I upload it online!!! drat!!! D: but oh well.


time: 1 hour 20 ++ min
tool: assss *wink* per usual.

ah. my 2 OCs.still have no name for them both. kinda finalized the one with the spectacle already (on the face part, the clothing may vary LOL). the other one is still modifiable (lol). it's sort of something that I have in mind and am gonna try to make it happen. gonna try!! Dx

ah~ my angle n proportion suck.



I couldn't sleep. So decided to draw some stuff. TADAAHH!!! *orz*

draw-super-sexy-dude-drinking-water... PHAIL! 8D not sexy enuff!!!!

time: 40-60 min
tool: ...yeah

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HP up+100000

8D I guess I'm gonna live longer. Why you ask? because... beeeecause.... I FRIGGIN' FINALLY GOT MYSELF TABLE & CHAIR!!!!!!!! I am so happy, I think I will drop dead any 2nd now. meh, I'm just being dramatic.

So I vowed to make a post specially dedicated to these 2 new furniture of mine. Beware that this post is gonna be filled with images of immobile objects (A LOT) well except for the chair.. i guess... and it might boring you LOL!!! and maybe some of you will find it similar with having a fetish for furniture, but believe me, when you have been through what I have been through (wtf) you will understand my sufferings and eventually this post *wink*.

so here goes.


meet my new chair & table!!! *sobs* decided to get a small table instead of a big one. ;w; I are happy. orz orz. it's just the right size for my pc, and have enough space for me to draw/sketch.

Did I mention it is a glass table? I was hoping to get the tempered type actually (so I can't see all the finger prints ugh) but this is the only one available, and is too lazy to check out other store. Good thing about it, well, XD I can put a study lamp underneath the table and it'll become lightbox!!! LOOOOLLLLL!!! ...... just came up with that just now actually. now moving on!!!

THE CHAIR! *insert dramatic sound here*

fell in love with this chair on first try! the back part is just a piece of cloth material with a lot of holes. it is very comfortable! it followed my back contour, I like it when I lean, the back part will move according to the pressure of my back, and definitely, good ventilation!! (not as good as the toilet bowl, but nonetheless tsk *hint someone*) It is adjustable, since I like to sit on tall tall chair and basically love the design. Simple yet, I don't know, futuristic looking? XD

so yes~ damage done somewhere around RM600++ I wanna thank my mom for this, my dad for driving us to the shop, my friends, for giving me support and constantly asking me to get myself those 2 furniture up there and also for worrying about my back condition *sobs* I love you guys!! (why does this sound like some... award receiving ceremony speech =_=)

and more pics!!!! 8D

ignore the messy and badly matched blanket, pillowcase & bed sheet. 8D thank you~

and "sampah sarap" which I don't know where else to put. fffffff

ah~ imagine all this time, i was doing my work on the floor. T___T thank god for a second pull out bed under my bed. So I either sit on the bed; which causes extreme spine pain, and also neck pain, aaand bad mood LOL. OR lie down on my belly since the monitor is on the floor, WHICH causes neck pain, and eventually aching teeth & gum, since I basically put a pillow under my chin to support my head. so the pressure is not too friendly to my jaw. Quite painful to chew food afterwards. so yeaaahhh.

I am very grateful for this & everything *cover face* now if you'll excuse me, I wanna go somewhere so that I can cry myself a swimming pool. *run + wail happily and in victory*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

shoujo manga overload

*swoon* I guess I am still a sucker for shoujo genre through and through. ;__; i feel so happy reading those stories where the hero really protects the girl, and the girl are quite independent too. well maybe most of the time not u_u but as long as the storyline and drawing is nice, then bring it on!

I guess I also love stories that involves lots of bloody scene... don't ask why, I have no idea myself. does that make me a masochist? *facepalm* no way! HAHAHA!

ah~ the story of 1 girl surrounded by harems of hot, nose bleeding looking guys makes me go "DAMN! lucky bitch!!!!" everytime. pardon the language. mostly my interest will be on the guys~ like obviously.

also, I like it when the girl/heroine got into any bloody tragic accident or whatever sh*t cliche scene that'll make the nose bleeding looking hero goes weak in the knees and tremble with terror and worries. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*orz-ing on the floor* I am soooo.... I don't know how to say it. *facepalm*

so some fanarts on the Black Bird manga. this story is suuuuuuuuppppppper shoujo until I can feel flowers and shiny sparkly stars surrounding me the whole time I was reading it! and also some 18sx scene I guess. but no naked body thus far. which is great. because somehow I can't take it =_= even the kissing scene will make me wanna cover my face. because i shy HAHAHA!!

so presenting, Kyou (the Tengu) and his sort of.......bride....... Misao _-_

took me 30min on this. so excuse the, err, messiness ha ha ha....


p/s have the urge to see the heroine die somehow orz orz.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

art request : w.i.p

errgghh. have the mood to do this stuff, but i have to start with this logo designing thing. aish.

haaaaiiihhhhhhh.... *drag feet on the floor towards the door*

Friday, October 15, 2010


woah, I almost forgot about this piece!! O_O was done half way when I accidentally -yeah rite- forgotten about it!

the style a bit different XD so heck~ I just quickly finish it (because I wanna get over with it orz)

so yeaaahhhh

so messy! HAHAHAHA! XD oh well~

time: =_=; i have nooo idea
tool: mixture of Sai and Photoshop

some close up shots of the girls~ coz i actually like how their face turned out to be. and love the lips! *slapself*

my fav one in this drawing would be Mana, then Mist, then Sia. I made Sia look so...I dunno. it's her eyes I think.

so yeah~ now back to art requests!!!!! YAARRGGHHH!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i lol-ed

ok something really random orz i was reading this manga which was flooded with my curses on the super lameness even though I can't stop reading every pages, words by words. and honestly, the main character really was growing on to me. T___T he is like almost 95% a mirror image of myself. cept that he is rich... oh and is a guy but you guys have probably guessed it anyway LOL!

so i was reading, and I stumbled upon this!

and i LOL-ed HAAAARD. i mean, what is the point of this page anyway?!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! what a waste of page and screentones! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh gosh!! if wanna make it as a page divider also, at least make something that make sense lah at least. aiyoo.

yeap! even though the story is lame, I just can't stop reading it. it's like super extreme tragic story XD death, abandonment, suicide, complex, cast out, heart break. oh.em.gee. I've never stumble upon such... thing!!! XD

and no i won't be sharing the title of the manga, because if i did, then i'd have to jump off a building and dig a hole, and bury myself in the hole, and dig another hole in the hole and bury myself in it again.

raaaaaandom and out 8D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


8D more fanart of Japaaaannnnanananananaana!!!

I wanna draw him in a more nose bleeding form!!!!! but I have to put that on hold for now T_T seriously need to focus on my test *sobs*

ah~~ the chance of drawing guys~~ been drawing only females for sooo long!!! i feel happy to finally got the chance to draw the opposite sex. even if it's a bit lacking in a lot of places. T_T

k~ OFF!

Monday, October 11, 2010

more art request + japan

LOL!! finally it's done!!!! *sobs* an original character of the requester. the charac reminds me of a gypsy and bollywood combine together! XD

time: 8-10 hours
tool: as per usual


JAPAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!!! 8DDDDDD quick sketch. 30 - 40 min? ah~~~ japaaaannnn~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

wip again~

I should be sleeping =_= shouldn't have switched the pc on darnit!!!!

feel like doing this piece 1st. art request from ppl ;3 I think I'm gonna made the 3rd request in pencil. i think it'll go smoothly traditionally. what with all the details that I need to put. phew. oh the 3rd request was the charac belldandy from Oh! my goddess. in VICTORIAN dress 8D exited!!!!



p/s on a very very random note.... i accidentally caught this XD

orz =_= ppl looooves the hetalia work! craaaazy! orz.