Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketch request pt.1

8D so I sorta open 10 slots for sketch request. just for fun! XD I can practice more too! so here are the first 5 requests.

LOL! my friend requested either draw shinji x the female mc from p3p, or Rui (a mascot for our group) T_T wanted to draw the fmc n rui more... so I have to add in shinji ORZ!!!! oh well~~

this one was weeeeiiirrrddd!! XD but weird is awesome!! it's a combination of squid n pomeranian !!! LOL!!!! XD

now this one was fun to draw!! the requester asked for a fantasy world that contains my fav character. 8D and since I am sooo into Togainu no Chi lately *cough* Shiki n Aki in alice in wonderland. ORZ!! T_T if only i show the wonderland more! dang it!!

tsundere shota. nuff said XD

aaaaand a pirate!!!!! 8D

phew!! did all this in 6-8 hours! OAO IT WAS HELL FUN! no seriously!! OAO now still got 5 more slots. which is still unfilled. 8D YAY!

keep em coming!


  1. lawl sho naish :9 *save* ah Rui punya personality is dead on betul 8D I'm surprised you tahu. I revamped his personality for the 2nd part of Le Noir.

  2. DUDE!!! rui tu kan bayfriend aku. ;D sure I KNOW!! LOL! can't imagine him with different expression OAO bcause he is cool! <3<3<3

  3. pffft ye la tuuuu >w> /dopeslapyou
    LOLOL 8D peminat setia Rui sejak dia debut LAWL. tahu2 je what I'm gonna do for your birthday gift :P
    oh yeah. in the Le Noir nye 2nd part Rui gets upgrade in character and ability 8D <3 nnt I tell you when we meet <3