Sunday, October 10, 2010

Axis Powers Hetalia: Italian brothers

8D after not drawing chibi for centuries, finally there's a request from my friend that requires chibi characters. At 1st I was like " ah darn it! haven't draw chibi for so long! screw screw!" XD but I made it! sort of...

glad she liked it too! hope i didn't butchered the characters much 8D not really a fan of hetalia. actually... I'm not even sure what this Hetalia is all about orz. I know they got lotsa cute characters based on different countries tho.



ah~ had fun drawing this. reminiscing my past where I used to draw chibis most of the time~ hmm~~

time: more than 10 hours I think. took me at least 3 days on and off. including procrastination of course! XD
tool: photoshopCS4

OMG! i'm beginning to loooove photoshop!!! discovered how flexible the default brushes are! Now I am more daring to try different brushes. Not scared to make mistakes and dare to erase any wrong parts even if that part is completed! you know what I mean? I'm loving it!

I did try and made it as my wallpaper just to look at how it'll be like on my desktop. 8D

not bad imho! XD hahahahaha!! so~ if anybody wanna use it as wallpaper~ here


I'd be very happy if there's even 1 person would wanna make this as their wallpaper lol!!! but most importantly, I had fun doing this!


p/s abandoned the wip miku orz. should continue on it sometime soon. stuck on the background part.

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