Thursday, October 14, 2010

i lol-ed

ok something really random orz i was reading this manga which was flooded with my curses on the super lameness even though I can't stop reading every pages, words by words. and honestly, the main character really was growing on to me. T___T he is like almost 95% a mirror image of myself. cept that he is rich... oh and is a guy but you guys have probably guessed it anyway LOL!

so i was reading, and I stumbled upon this!

and i LOL-ed HAAAARD. i mean, what is the point of this page anyway?!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! what a waste of page and screentones! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh gosh!! if wanna make it as a page divider also, at least make something that make sense lah at least. aiyoo.

yeap! even though the story is lame, I just can't stop reading it. it's like super extreme tragic story XD death, abandonment, suicide, complex, cast out, heart break. oh.em.gee. I've never stumble upon such... thing!!! XD

and no i won't be sharing the title of the manga, because if i did, then i'd have to jump off a building and dig a hole, and bury myself in the hole, and dig another hole in the hole and bury myself in it again.

raaaaaandom and out 8D


  1. alaaaa whats the title?? So I can avoid it!! lol xD

  2. duwan saaayyy!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! if you happen to come across it, well, at least you can go "ALAMAK!! isn't this the manga nao was talking about! *hits forehead + continue reading till the end*" LOL!