Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Which one should I get?!!

ARGH!!! I am wrecking myself here. It's almost 4 in the morn and I still can't decide! which one should I get? A B★RS nendoroid, or get the full figure!!! I'm talking about THIS figurine!

here's the thing. The nendoroid cost RM180, and it comes with bluray-disc!! The 1st picture there, is like extremely expensive and I'll be finishing every money that I have left and the design and details are definitely more badass than the nendo. The deal is, IF i get myself the nendo, which is seriously waaaay affordable, then I will loose any chance of buying the full figure! (not enough money =_=; ) but I will get myself the nendo AND bluray disc of B★RS. BUUTT!!! I've got no bluray disc player =_= bummer. but who knows!!!!!

the pre order is still open I hope. I saw that the full figure still have 2 units left and the nendo 3 units. ah!! I hope by the time i made up my mind, there's still some left!!!

DARN IT!!!!!!!

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