Friday, October 22, 2010

Belldandy & etc

FINALLY DONE WITH THIS ONE!!!! OAO quite a challenge for me since I don't reaaaally draw frills. or huge dresses often. It was hell lotta fun!!! seriously!! despite all the "fs" and "craps" 8D i enjoyed the process!

time: lost count
tool: as per usual

ah~ picking the colors are not easy T__T I am really grateful for photoshop's hue and saturation option. haha! just slide the color bar ;D and yeaaa~ tempted to use super psychedelic color for this, but I figured it won't suit the character herself.

well, maybe there's still a bit proportion problem there. She's holding a letter btw T_T how can I forget the red wax thingy & envelope?! tsk. can't stop analyzing all my work once I'm done with it =A= and mistakes tend to appear right after I upload it online!!! drat!!! D: but oh well.


time: 1 hour 20 ++ min
tool: assss *wink* per usual.

ah. my 2 OCs.still have no name for them both. kinda finalized the one with the spectacle already (on the face part, the clothing may vary LOL). the other one is still modifiable (lol). it's sort of something that I have in mind and am gonna try to make it happen. gonna try!! Dx

ah~ my angle n proportion suck.



I couldn't sleep. So decided to draw some stuff. TADAAHH!!! *orz*

draw-super-sexy-dude-drinking-water... PHAIL! 8D not sexy enuff!!!!

time: 40-60 min
tool: ...yeah


  1. original shoujo manga ;D *hint hint*

  2. aaahhh!! i dunno arr I dunoo aaaarrrr!!!! *shakes head vigorously*