Sunday, October 17, 2010

shoujo manga overload

*swoon* I guess I am still a sucker for shoujo genre through and through. ;__; i feel so happy reading those stories where the hero really protects the girl, and the girl are quite independent too. well maybe most of the time not u_u but as long as the storyline and drawing is nice, then bring it on!

I guess I also love stories that involves lots of bloody scene... don't ask why, I have no idea myself. does that make me a masochist? *facepalm* no way! HAHAHA!

ah~ the story of 1 girl surrounded by harems of hot, nose bleeding looking guys makes me go "DAMN! lucky bitch!!!!" everytime. pardon the language. mostly my interest will be on the guys~ like obviously.

also, I like it when the girl/heroine got into any bloody tragic accident or whatever sh*t cliche scene that'll make the nose bleeding looking hero goes weak in the knees and tremble with terror and worries. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*orz-ing on the floor* I am soooo.... I don't know how to say it. *facepalm*

so some fanarts on the Black Bird manga. this story is suuuuuuuuppppppper shoujo until I can feel flowers and shiny sparkly stars surrounding me the whole time I was reading it! and also some 18sx scene I guess. but no naked body thus far. which is great. because somehow I can't take it =_= even the kissing scene will make me wanna cover my face. because i shy HAHAHA!!

so presenting, Kyou (the Tengu) and his sort of.......bride....... Misao _-_

took me 30min on this. so excuse the, err, messiness ha ha ha....


p/s have the urge to see the heroine die somehow orz orz.

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