Saturday, October 23, 2010


XD I can't sleep last night. So i decided to sketch something in my sketchbook instead. tsk. wasn't expecting it to be like this in the end. XD I guess, I really have plenty of time in my hand.

-click on image for larger view. (like u guys didn't noe pfff)- XD

the small barely able to see box at the corner there.

time: 2hours inking. sketch is a few min.
tool: pencil, paper, photoshop

HAHAHAHA!! actually at 1st there's only the part of this 2 person sitting, well almost kissing *cough* but i added stuff here n there~ then tadaaahhhh. orz orz.

geh. haven't draw manga like stuff for so long!!!! OAO practically years! this was FUN TO DO!!! YEAH!!! a good practice.

character is my own. ugh not satisfied with the dude =_= and they are still nameless pffff.

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