Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sketch request pt.2

WOAAAHHHH!!! FINALLY DONE!!! OAO suppose to be just sketches!!!!!! but took me like ages to finish orz orz orz

so here goes

POKETALIA!!!!! it's Vevesaur and Chigimon *orz* excuse the lameness. this was fun to draw! guess who's with the pokeball 8D

MECHA!!! I apologize if it doesn't look like one =A= I don't draw mecha, and I don't watch mecha related anime or read mecha related manga. Tho I am a big fan of transformers! XD hahaha!! ...well I do read /watch Vandread. A bit of Gurren Lagaan.... but that's about it _-_

Original character of the requester, Aura. digging the shoes. it's friggin tall! but can't really see now huh?... orz

since I like to put "/slapself" in my comments, so somebody requested this LOL! sorry if it doesn't look like slapping myself. wanted to put more blood, but naaahhh~~ XD

and last but not least~ requested by myself LOL! XD iyaaaa~~~~ the only one with colors *cough* ROUGH ON THO! 8D if that make any difference. ahem~

ok~ I'm gonna go watch tele.. I MEAN do my work now!


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