Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HP up+100000

8D I guess I'm gonna live longer. Why you ask? because... beeeecause.... I FRIGGIN' FINALLY GOT MYSELF TABLE & CHAIR!!!!!!!! I am so happy, I think I will drop dead any 2nd now. meh, I'm just being dramatic.

So I vowed to make a post specially dedicated to these 2 new furniture of mine. Beware that this post is gonna be filled with images of immobile objects (A LOT) well except for the chair.. i guess... and it might boring you LOL!!! and maybe some of you will find it similar with having a fetish for furniture, but believe me, when you have been through what I have been through (wtf) you will understand my sufferings and eventually this post *wink*.

so here goes.


meet my new chair & table!!! *sobs* decided to get a small table instead of a big one. ;w; I are happy. orz orz. it's just the right size for my pc, and have enough space for me to draw/sketch.

Did I mention it is a glass table? I was hoping to get the tempered type actually (so I can't see all the finger prints ugh) but this is the only one available, and is too lazy to check out other store. Good thing about it, well, XD I can put a study lamp underneath the table and it'll become lightbox!!! LOOOOLLLLL!!! ...... just came up with that just now actually. now moving on!!!

THE CHAIR! *insert dramatic sound here*

fell in love with this chair on first try! the back part is just a piece of cloth material with a lot of holes. it is very comfortable! it followed my back contour, I like it when I lean, the back part will move according to the pressure of my back, and definitely, good ventilation!! (not as good as the toilet bowl, but nonetheless tsk *hint someone*) It is adjustable, since I like to sit on tall tall chair and basically love the design. Simple yet, I don't know, futuristic looking? XD

so yes~ damage done somewhere around RM600++ I wanna thank my mom for this, my dad for driving us to the shop, my friends, for giving me support and constantly asking me to get myself those 2 furniture up there and also for worrying about my back condition *sobs* I love you guys!! (why does this sound like some... award receiving ceremony speech =_=)

and more pics!!!! 8D

ignore the messy and badly matched blanket, pillowcase & bed sheet. 8D thank you~

and "sampah sarap" which I don't know where else to put. fffffff

ah~ imagine all this time, i was doing my work on the floor. T___T thank god for a second pull out bed under my bed. So I either sit on the bed; which causes extreme spine pain, and also neck pain, aaand bad mood LOL. OR lie down on my belly since the monitor is on the floor, WHICH causes neck pain, and eventually aching teeth & gum, since I basically put a pillow under my chin to support my head. so the pressure is not too friendly to my jaw. Quite painful to chew food afterwards. so yeaaahhh.

I am very grateful for this & everything *cover face* now if you'll excuse me, I wanna go somewhere so that I can cry myself a swimming pool. *run + wail happily and in victory*


  1. YEAY 8DD so awesome your chair looks comfy <3 and your table so sexy

  2. OMG!! sexy table!! yes!! that's the word I was trying to find!! XD ah~ *raba-raba the chair n table*

  3. just move to my new house. having the same problem with you. now back is so ache but my allowance is not enough to buy new chair and table...maybe will wait till next year.