Friday, October 29, 2010

Cloudless night sky

*vomit blood n guts*

I promised myself to make something rather... complete. orz!! and so this was born! basically an abandoned piece of Hatsune Miku fanart which I just remembered recently _-_ and decided to finish it. this piece has undergo some MAJOR changes since the 1st draft LOL. ah~ it was serious fun doing this. Since I don't really draw this kind of work (with complete background etc) much.

...basically a procrastination piece. (running away from *cough* work *cough*)

so yeaaa.

tempted to make this into my wallpaper. but then isn't that considered narcissistic? LOL! XD

A LOT OF REFERENCES USED! especially the buildings =_= pffff and guitar. I'm no genius ok~ XD OH! and of course endless stream of l' arc~en~ciel songs 8D to keep me going.

time: 2 days forgot how long
tool: photoshop cs4


only 2 tho. ORZ! kinda..forgot to make records tsk.

pss: expecting myself to make more of these kind of work.

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