Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coffy & Tea

"hey sister, time for your bath"

FFFFFF!!! (slapped myself hard in the face after typing that out) they are sibling and perfectly normal! just that my head is a bit twisted. tsk.

Ah. decided to make a fanart out of the mascot of Comic Fiesta, Coffy & Tea. can say that after I've looked at all the countdown artworks, I got a bit overdose on these 2 characters. LOL! so did this just for fun ;D

T_T there's a convention coming up & I am not sure whether I can go or not!!! I am saaaaaddddd!! *sobs* time: 4-5 hours tool: as usual. Coffy & Tea belong to their respective owner. Artwork belongs to me ;D

time: 4-5 hours
tool: photoshopCS4

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