Sunday, June 27, 2010

Packing & Moving on

the moment that I won't anticipate most probably while I am still alive; MOVING & PACKING. I know. it just sucks. Being a person that always buy stuff, packing is like a pain in your ass. and being a person that is just reluctant to let go of anything, you can just imagine all the piles of stuff that I have collected during my 3 years plus living here. 3 years!!!! and I've accumulated more than enough! I just can't find it in me to throw away all the things that I have! even the clothes from 3 years back and all my assignments and final papers. should I throw them away? but what if one day I might need it and realized it gone?!! I've also discovered some random gay manga and seriously shoujo manga I got -can't even figure out why I even bought it in the 1st place- wanted to throw em away but don't know how. Packed all my cd's, all my books, mangas and I've got a total of 4 boxes just for all those stuff. Not considering all the clothes that I got. I don't think I have enough boxes. hmph. need to do more box hunting then.

I've hand in my resign letter last week. OH! I worked... I mean I'm working? (present tense?) still in a multimedia company in KL. did I ever mention that? no? hmm. as a multimedia designer or was it graphic designer? had an awesome boss awesome colleagues what else can I ask for? but i'm just not cut out for this kind of work. web is just not for me I guess. I'm more to... a drawing/moving image person? I don't know. I know it's a waste for me to ditch this position, the salary is quite good too. but I guess I just put other things in front of me for now. I'm still a bit indecisive on things right now, but 1 thing that I'm very sure of, I still want to study. I want to learn a LOT of stuff. I know that I can eventually learn while I'm working, but so far I can see that I'm spending my time more on working than learning something new, or doing something that I like. I'd rather be spending time working WHILE learning than learning while working. see the difference? When I get back, I'm gonna try and see my life in a whole different perspective. I'm gonna start anew and gonna try and find what I can do best!!! gonna pick up on different things, and brush up on certain rusty skills that I have. If I want to get a job, I would really hope it's something that I'd enjoy doing, not something that I have to do to continue living. I know I have to be realistic, but if it means that I'm gonna be stuck in a certain place doing things that I don't like, then I'd rather be a dreamer. I somehow have a good gut feeling about my future, but you can't trust your gut. like seriously. so i'm gonna try my best to shape it, my way :)

I have seen a LOT of young achievers out there. Can I achieve something of my own that my family and myself can be proud of?

hope everything will be fine.

It's almost 3 o'clock in the morning and I just don't feel like sleeping and to top it all, I got work tomorrow. so, good nite people :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


more like copying LOL!! XD was seriously bored last night plus no internet connection. made my brain blank like an empty can =_= so I did this.

ok...seriously heavy reference on Loish's way of coloring because I feel like coloring the nose like her, but ended up almost following her coloring style for the whole thing! =_= *facepalm* but it was fun.

ok children, ;D it's better to come out with your own idea & style. Not that you can't do any referencing, but do come out with your own original stuff. So yeah~

time: dunno
tool: as usual. photoshop default brushes RULEZ!!!!!

and Loish is LOVE.

Monday, June 21, 2010

T.O.P - Turn It Up [HD] Official Music Video

OK. it was finally released today!! no more crazy screaming fan girls voices at the back!! WUZZAAA!!! *puts both hands up in the air* I'm VERY sure my heart stopped beating everytime I watch this!!!

mmm t.o.p is DARN HOT!!!!!!! one of the best music video I've seen so far! the music, the colors, the camera, the costumes, the set ups, basically the whole thing is AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT VERY MUCH!! can't wait to get my hands on his album!!! 8D

TOP, definitely HOT!!! and spicy~~~ *nosebleed*

so enjoy!!! don't faint on me now!!!! HAHAHA!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

toy story 3

OH! watched Toy Story 3 today!!! IT WAS EPIC!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! can't help crying T___T the ending is seriously epic!!! sad but happy in the same way. T_T ah I can still feel the emotion from that scene. it is definitely one of the awesome-est animation to date. MUST WATCH DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!! *thumbs up* I better not type a lot of stuff about it here, cause I don't want to spoil you guys out there TwT

and while waiting for the movie, got myself a new...toy? YES!! finally!! 8D after my Philip headphone got spoiled -I am sad T_T- so I got myself a new one! and it is the one and only... MIXSTYLE HEADPHONE!!! consider this as my own birthday present for myself ;D

jang jang!

yes, I got myself a pink one ¬_¬ wat?! it's too cute!!! can't help it!

I am officially in love~ I've got this thing for headphone haha! actually there's a lot of colors available, the USA color and purple color was quite pretty. =A= but this shop, the one that I got mine, don't have em. sad. but this one is fine with me. it's cute seriously. XD

famous especially with those Korean artist out there. can't believe how many of those artist owns one. O_o

look at these!!! T_T totally love the number 9, red and blue color ones, and the purple one underneath. next time, I'm gonna get myself the original one tho I don't really think it's worth my money. yes ¬_¬ I somehow suspected that the one that I got is not original. Maybe someday but then again, if i really wanna get a good headphone, I'd probably go for Sony or Philips. I guess this one will work for now. hey, it is cheap. *facepalm* I guess it'll serve more as a piece of nice accessories to put on my head.

they should make turquoise blue. XD sound quality is ok. like normal. TxT eventho honestly I think my philips is a tad bit nicer... but oh well. ;D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


wish I could go backpacking somewhere. but then again... better not. XD what if I died in the middle of somewhere?!

anyway, did this for fun. ;D and sort of like a tribute for my new bag LOOOLLL!!! did a lot of fashion related piece lately. it is fun! 8D and now, I have 4 more hours of sleep left u_u


time: 4-5 hours
tool: as usual

Monday, June 14, 2010


finally it's done!! =_= tho i think I did this in quite a rush. a bit messy. but I did want it to look just a tad messy on the overall style. so yeah.

bought this new funky usa flag shirt. love it!! so decided to drew em out. got myself a new cardigan too along the way. don't worry, it was cheap!!! HAHAHA!!

time: forgot
tool: phostoshopcs4

some unnecessary snapshots. lol

the original uncropped piece. cropped it because I wanna make a wallpaper out of it haha!


drawing helps me forget stuff. T_T I am but a lost person. *facepalm*

Sunday, June 13, 2010

can't sleep

so end up doing this.

still work in progress. somehow lately Im doing more illustration based on fashion portrait. its just so fun to do!

and now... sleep T_T got work tmrw. *sobs*


had a very... interesting Sunday. hmm...

drew some stuff since I haven't been doing that for quite some time.

time: more than 2 hours
tools: as usual...Im just lazy to type it out.

featuring an RM19.90 shirt, RM16.90 legging, and RM150++ black converse my baby *heart* so yeah~~ _-_

Saturday, June 12, 2010

life so far

is doin' ok. just graduated but haven't do the convo yet. currently working in a multimedia company as graphic designer. I have to say, I am blessed to receive a position in the company. the boss(s) are friendly, awesome colleagues, almost nice environment. in fact, new furniture just came in, so it is improving! basically my job is to design stuff. web, icons, etc... even though sometimes how i wish i can do work that involves drawing, designing characters etc. *sigh* but yeah. 3 month probation period is ok but I am not sure I will even stay that long there since Im gonna further my studies. I feel a bit guilty but I really do think that i still have a lot more to gain & learn. NOT that I can't learn while I'm working, but the thought of concentrating in just your studies without any worries of your clients, exploring more possibilities since you have the privilege and time to do just that. I want to excel in everything that I want to do. because like a guy once said, "Pursue Excellence, and Success will Follow"

on other note. went shopping yesterday! bought quite a few stuff with neat price! ;D lovin' it! how I wish Sabah have this sort of place where they sell cheap nice clothes. Times Square rocks! wanna go again and buy more!!!!

p/s dropped my KFC burger yesterday on the floor. don;t even have the chance to bite into it yet. is sad.