Saturday, June 19, 2010

toy story 3

OH! watched Toy Story 3 today!!! IT WAS EPIC!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! can't help crying T___T the ending is seriously epic!!! sad but happy in the same way. T_T ah I can still feel the emotion from that scene. it is definitely one of the awesome-est animation to date. MUST WATCH DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!! *thumbs up* I better not type a lot of stuff about it here, cause I don't want to spoil you guys out there TwT

and while waiting for the movie, got myself a new...toy? YES!! finally!! 8D after my Philip headphone got spoiled -I am sad T_T- so I got myself a new one! and it is the one and only... MIXSTYLE HEADPHONE!!! consider this as my own birthday present for myself ;D

jang jang!

yes, I got myself a pink one ¬_¬ wat?! it's too cute!!! can't help it!

I am officially in love~ I've got this thing for headphone haha! actually there's a lot of colors available, the USA color and purple color was quite pretty. =A= but this shop, the one that I got mine, don't have em. sad. but this one is fine with me. it's cute seriously. XD

famous especially with those Korean artist out there. can't believe how many of those artist owns one. O_o

look at these!!! T_T totally love the number 9, red and blue color ones, and the purple one underneath. next time, I'm gonna get myself the original one tho I don't really think it's worth my money. yes ¬_¬ I somehow suspected that the one that I got is not original. Maybe someday but then again, if i really wanna get a good headphone, I'd probably go for Sony or Philips. I guess this one will work for now. hey, it is cheap. *facepalm* I guess it'll serve more as a piece of nice accessories to put on my head.

they should make turquoise blue. XD sound quality is ok. like normal. TxT eventho honestly I think my philips is a tad bit nicer... but oh well. ;D

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