Saturday, June 12, 2010

life so far

is doin' ok. just graduated but haven't do the convo yet. currently working in a multimedia company as graphic designer. I have to say, I am blessed to receive a position in the company. the boss(s) are friendly, awesome colleagues, almost nice environment. in fact, new furniture just came in, so it is improving! basically my job is to design stuff. web, icons, etc... even though sometimes how i wish i can do work that involves drawing, designing characters etc. *sigh* but yeah. 3 month probation period is ok but I am not sure I will even stay that long there since Im gonna further my studies. I feel a bit guilty but I really do think that i still have a lot more to gain & learn. NOT that I can't learn while I'm working, but the thought of concentrating in just your studies without any worries of your clients, exploring more possibilities since you have the privilege and time to do just that. I want to excel in everything that I want to do. because like a guy once said, "Pursue Excellence, and Success will Follow"

on other note. went shopping yesterday! bought quite a few stuff with neat price! ;D lovin' it! how I wish Sabah have this sort of place where they sell cheap nice clothes. Times Square rocks! wanna go again and buy more!!!!

p/s dropped my KFC burger yesterday on the floor. don;t even have the chance to bite into it yet. is sad.

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