Wednesday, June 23, 2010


more like copying LOL!! XD was seriously bored last night plus no internet connection. made my brain blank like an empty can =_= so I did this.

ok...seriously heavy reference on Loish's way of coloring because I feel like coloring the nose like her, but ended up almost following her coloring style for the whole thing! =_= *facepalm* but it was fun.

ok children, ;D it's better to come out with your own idea & style. Not that you can't do any referencing, but do come out with your own original stuff. So yeah~

time: dunno
tool: as usual. photoshop default brushes RULEZ!!!!!

and Loish is LOVE.


  1. Dude. Loish is an awesome artist. I wanna refer to Loish's art too!

  2. yeah. she is awesome!!! wish I could develop my own style as well *sigh* BERUSAHA!!!