Sunday, April 22, 2012

here, there, everywhere!

wokaaayyy so apparently blogger changed their interface design. hmmm. looks neat i have to say. let's hope it is as user friendly as it was before! ;D

just wanted to update some stuff. simple stuff :X so yeaaahhhh since i owned a smartphone which has an instagram app, so i've decided to post up some pictures that i have & took just recently 8D SO HERE GOES!!!

(more pictures after the jump!)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

latest work

D: this is like, my 3rd blog update in 1 day!! LOL can't help myself hahaha

haven't draw anything for awhile now. did some typography work, photo manipulation stuff... so yeaahh.... u_u

i really had fun doing this one! it's like, the moment we had the brief for this project, this idea popped into my head!! so i guess i knew what i wanted to do for this one. received another assignment similar to this. a group work. my mind was... a bit blank though u_u hmmppphh

hello thar new baby

8D i swear one of these days, my lame blog post topic will be the death of me haha

went out with my family the next day after kundasang trip :9 didn't do much really. Just wanna buy some necessities; foods, water, etc etc but somehow, i ended up getting myself a new bag!! u_u how?

well... i blame my dad haha he just HAD to point at this pretty, black stack of manly unisex-ish classy looking bags!!! HAH!! and it was on discount!!!! 8D so heck!!!

it was a close call between Swiss Polo, Arrow, another unknown brand & Alain Delon.

nngggfffhhh all those baaaagggsss!!! twas a mistake to point me at this direction dad hahaha!!! apa boleh buat lah XD

a breathe of freshest air

this post is long overdue! was meant to update this last week, but i guess i got caught up in something (pointless i'm sure) so here comes ifa's blog spam!!! START!!!


to make story short, since i'm lazy hahaha, i'm lucky enough to have a friend who is in possession of a car //wiggles eyebrows// well the class uhh what do you call that, our class leader, called him 1 day and asked whether he could drive some guys to Kundasang (the name of that place) to search for lodgings u_u since the place that we were suppose to be lodging at were full and it actually need at least 3 months of booking u_u and we were too late. so he brought me along hahaha XD

i woke up early because of my starbucks craving :( so went to the shopping mall. it was a hard decision though. i mean, well, if i went to the mall, this means my friend would have to pick me up over there u_u i don't like to trouble others haha but i asked him anyway and he went "i don't see any problem in picking you up over there since we are using that road anyway" LOL so OKAY!

craving for starbucks AND McD. grabbed a fillet-o-fish only since big mac won't be available till 11 :( bummer but the buns were oh so soft! portion still too small for my stomach though, so i head to the bakery & had a cream cheese bun :9 well, it'll do i suppose hahaha