Sunday, April 1, 2012

hello thar new baby

8D i swear one of these days, my lame blog post topic will be the death of me haha

went out with my family the next day after kundasang trip :9 didn't do much really. Just wanna buy some necessities; foods, water, etc etc but somehow, i ended up getting myself a new bag!! u_u how?

well... i blame my dad haha he just HAD to point at this pretty, black stack of manly unisex-ish classy looking bags!!! HAH!! and it was on discount!!!! 8D so heck!!!

it was a close call between Swiss Polo, Arrow, another unknown brand & Alain Delon.

nngggfffhhh all those baaaagggsss!!! twas a mistake to point me at this direction dad hahaha!!! apa boleh buat lah XD

Swiss Polo. Love the texture on that bag!!! but somebody said it looked a bit too old for me D: so heck~ had to give it a no.

not sure what brand was this one :T it's pretty!! no doubt. but i had 1 plain bag already. so this was a no go too XD

so in the end, i went with the Alain Delon bag! 8,D is a very happy girl!

the bag is just perfect for me!!! not that sissy, not that manly (even though this was found in the man section .__. ) i can even fit an A4 sized folder in there!! XD so it was a huge haul!!!!

love the pattern on the bag! T v T

wanted to snap a picture of me wearing the bag, but i guess this doesn't do the bag justice at all!! will try & snap a better picture some other time. not good at taking self portrait (even if it's a picture of the lower half part of my body hahaha)

p/s my shoes look good in this photo tho! XD

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