Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lost in void

After presenting my work for the "Promote Yourself" project in Digital Portfolio class, I felt so empty. Maybe it's because the tension has finally tuned down a bit, but it gets even worst when I saw amazing works from my fellow classmates. It makes me ponder about my work, my style, the quality the outcome and how the market will look upon it someday. Will they even glance at my work? Do i even have a chance out there? What can I really do??? What is my strength in this Multimedia Design ...WORLD?!!

Now i keep asking myself this. I am very very scared. But in a way, there are good things that comes during that period of presentation and the mentally torturous moment. At least it gives me the time to think more about improvement, self confidence, and making MORE MORE MORE effort in my work. Do more research and references!!! I realized i don't really do any referencing. It all just sort of pop up from my head just like that. It is a good thing at 1 point but I don't really think I improve much.

huh. I'm in dilemma. T_T maybe should go and see counselor.
I will do what I can to be better.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nintendo DSLite IceBlue


so it finally arrived~ and finally it's in my hand!!!! can you imagine how happy i am?!!! imagine a 5 year old girl, getting a set of cooking play set for christmas.. or a hard core harry potter fan getting the final book on the day of it's release... *scream* I am freakin' happy!!!!! 8D eheh eheh haven't really play with it much... it's just there, on my table for now. a bit scared to touch it, because i don't want it to get dirty TwT i need to get a plastic casing for it man.

a ds lite ice blue bundle for rm600 is just... fantastic!!! 8D i'm glad i bought it. I've been contemplating on buying any gaming console for myself, since i don't have one. and decided to pick ds lite. I know i know... probably some of you will think that its better to get dsi instead, but im just scared i will not use the new functions fully... and basically waste extra cash on it... i mean, camera function on ds? even the mega pixels are not that high... so yeah... ;D

so here's some pictures...

*shiny eyes* omg~~ look at this baby

i got an r4i gold card together with it too!!! talk about being lucky!

*points at the color* ice blue *raise eyebrows* 8D

my crappy photo taking skill doesn't do it justice u_u

oh! it came with a casing too!! 8D i was hoping for a lite blue color tho...oh well.. will get a diff casing if i got enough money Dx WARNING WARNING!!!

so far...

it feels good in my hand
the r4 card is practically awesome!! (i promise to get originals as well!!)
the buttons are nice to press
TOTALLY dig the color!!


cooking mama is wicked!! LOL!!! xD


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Digital Portfolio - name card&resume design

TwT I know the fact that i really suck when it comes to designing something that relates to me... or creating titles for any projects, or blog post.... *cough* but I've finally designed something for this subject T___T I am... speechless.... so anyway... here it is...


I wonder if this is good enough T_T what if it got rejected?!! does this look like my style? does it??

*for the 2nd n 3rd card, there's suppose to be some "slogan"(?) from me on the blue paper on the wall... but i haven't yet think of a really good one...

-RESUME design

OMG... I only got 1 design!! what if it got rejected???!!! =A= will think of 1 more later on... i really should start on the After Effect already!!!


2 designs!!! WOO!!!

* the "awards" part are empty still... because i couldn't remember all the stuff that I got... =A= ; my goodness... I wonder where did i put all the certificates....

so yeah... this is just for my documentation... u_u ;; but opinions and suggestions are extremely welcome!!!

now i'm going to go and sleep for awhile!!! @_@

Sunday, October 11, 2009

You know you are a TOA-lians when...

amazingly true.....

1) You’re bad at math, but that seems to be the norm.

2) You have at least 3 kinds of tape. They are all completely different, and they all serve completely different functions. But you know what they're for.

3) The naked picture on the screen for figures class does not arouse or disgust you because you’re too busy trying to get an ‘A’ in the class.

4) Your lecturers almost never give A’s in figures because (and they repeat it often) it's not 3D enough, or your strokes are wrong.

5) You're not as surprised by crazy fashion senses anymore.

6) Black is your worst enemy when the results are out.

7) You're surrounded by restaurants that serve all kinds of food.

8) Yet you don't know where and what to eat after class. Everyday.

9) You know the difference between violet and purple. And you blast people who don't know the difference.

10) You tried cleaning your pallette used for acrylic paint the first few times.

11) But you got lazy after a while and now its now hardened with acrylic paint all over it.

12) Your friends don't know what the hell putty rubber is when they first see it.

13) You’ve pulled an all-nighter on a project and still could not see any progress in the morning.

14) You’ve exploded at your friends for belittling the amount of work you receive.

15) The girl that you thought was a guy at the beginning of the year isn’t so bad.

16) Your friends not from your school do not understand #14 in the slightest.

17) Everybody fits in. Period.

18) You know everyone in Vision Art.

19) The people you go to school with do not ask you to draw anything for them (excluding doing their assignments for them).

20) People are always shooting films or taking pictures.

21) Despite your best efforts, you still manage to get paint, pencil or charcoal on some part of your body, somehow.

22) Vision Art has run out of supplies at least once, and it was a long wait for the restocking.

23) Your lecturer is a moron, but he is excused because he's an industry professional.

24) You know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use art gum.

25) The clock you built out of sticks and paper is still in use.

26) Ming Tien's food sucks but makes a hell lot more money than you'll ever have.

27) You know how to pronounce gouache.

28) Your pencils and erasers beside you go missing but other stuff you leave in the open are still there.

29) Sleep is a privilege, a rarity.

30) You get tired climbing up 3 flights of stairs, even though you do that almost everyday.

31) You are not the only person (anymore) who has reads manga like a bible.

32) You're given 4 weeks for a project, and everyone starts a few days before the due date.

33) You have sat in a classroom and discussed, in great detail, the significance of an ad in which a woman with soap is considered romantic and sexy.

34) You shouldn't show your figures2 sketchbook to anyone under 16 or over 60.

35) Alcohol is easily obtainable around your campus.

36) Your main topics outside of school are still about the school (assignments and all).

37) Out of the 30 people in your class, at least 27 of them are Chinese, and at least one of them wears the same clothes all the time.

38) You are verbally assualted for not paying attention while watching Byzantium, or Incognito. Or that flick about a transexual.

39) Waiting in line to print things is second-nature.

40) Lousy English is extremely common.

41) You have free entry to Sunway Lagoon. Well, till a few months ago.

42) You are told to "invest" in books and media, even when you're broke.

43) You can easily point out one point, two point and three point perspectives to anyone who cares to listen.

44) You notice that the circles under your eyes are a near permanent fixture. (special gift to TOA's student)

45) It's impossible for you not to have problems with your student tag.

46) You get demoralized from seeing a drawing god do his work beside you.

47) Everyone has a laptop. If not, you're (almost) dead.

48) Guys wearing nail polish aren't a big deal anymore.

49) Your textbooks are full of pictures. Even the typography ones.

50) Your total school fees is enough to buy a small house.

51) Sunway Pyramid is now boring for you.

52) A world class school has third-world parking spaces.

53) You take smoke-breaks every chance you get.

54) Wikipedia is actually allowed as a source.

55) You actually start recognising different fonts, and remember their names too.

56) You know that the initials TOA stand for "Thousands of Assignments"

funny... I always thought "TOA" stands for "Torture Our Ass" ... "or Tons Of Assignments" well it does sound better than "thousands..." xD ah..i reverted my blog skin back to the previous one =A= ;; since i don't hv time to create a new skin, and I HATE TO SEE THE CHOPPED OF YOUTUBE VIDS THAT I LINKED HERE!!!!! OAO so i change back to the previous one... for now...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blog skin...

=_= i really don't like my previous blog skin =A= ugghh... too gloomy if u ask me... so... I think I'm gonna stick with some default ones instead HAHAHAHA!! .. YEAP!


Friday, October 2, 2009

procrastination ;D

I'm currently reading Girl Got Game manga again..and I just can't stop laughing at this...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I had a good laugh today xD

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

I can't express how awed, overwhelmed and.... omg all those feelings merge into 1 when I saw the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. It is absolutely incredible!! I don't think i can do it justice if i express it with my words!!! you guys just have to watch it yourself!!! trust me people... it is totally worth several minutes of your life.

Final Fantasy characters design are just phenomenal! I've never felt so... so... so... GOD!! I think my heart just stop again just now... amazing! the more reason to get a ps3! ;D *winks* mama~~ ps3~~ heh heh heh!! i know you want to buy it too~~~ hehehehehehehehehehe!!! xD

when i really look at it deeply, i realized, i really do love drawing and creating characters. I love playing games, i LOVE to look at the game designs, the characters and the choice of good music in the game... is this a sign for me? some sort of direction for me in which area I will pursue in the future? hmm... who knows~ but so far, I love where I am heading ;D

Playstation 1 RPGs

OK... seriously people, I was really hyped up when I saw this video on youtube regarding a gamer sharing the collection of playstation 1 RPG games that he got... here's the video...

DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!!!! I mean HELLO?!!!! Legend of Legaia?! Chrono Cross??! Breath of Fire4?!! Wild Arms??!! Final Fantasy??! Suikoden?!!!! OMG!!! HOW EPIC CAN IT BE?!!! It's just too shocking!!.... wow... I still am in a daze... I mean... like... omg... it's just too phenomenal. I missed those days where I used to sit infront of the tv, barely sleeping, not even resting just to proceed to the next level in the rpg. hahaha! those were the days... (actually I did this during term break oso, just that it's on ps2 *cough*)

after watching that video up there, i get all nostalgic and all "awwwww" mode, and decided to go and search all those opening scene for those classic RPG... honestly, i had TONS of fun doing it~ awwww....

Breath of Fire 4 (somemore got the PS1 punya thingy appear b4 the intro LOL!! aaah memory...)

Thousand Arms (ayumi hamasaki wtf)

Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy 9

YEAH!!! got some others, but I like the ones that I posted up there the most ;D haha! haa.. i really feel like playing game =_= darnnit...