Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nintendo DSLite IceBlue


so it finally arrived~ and finally it's in my hand!!!! can you imagine how happy i am?!!! imagine a 5 year old girl, getting a set of cooking play set for christmas.. or a hard core harry potter fan getting the final book on the day of it's release... *scream* I am freakin' happy!!!!! 8D eheh eheh haven't really play with it much... it's just there, on my table for now. a bit scared to touch it, because i don't want it to get dirty TwT i need to get a plastic casing for it man.

a ds lite ice blue bundle for rm600 is just... fantastic!!! 8D i'm glad i bought it. I've been contemplating on buying any gaming console for myself, since i don't have one. and decided to pick ds lite. I know i know... probably some of you will think that its better to get dsi instead, but im just scared i will not use the new functions fully... and basically waste extra cash on it... i mean, camera function on ds? even the mega pixels are not that high... so yeah... ;D

so here's some pictures...

*shiny eyes* omg~~ look at this baby

i got an r4i gold card together with it too!!! talk about being lucky!

*points at the color* ice blue *raise eyebrows* 8D

my crappy photo taking skill doesn't do it justice u_u

oh! it came with a casing too!! 8D i was hoping for a lite blue color tho...oh well.. will get a diff casing if i got enough money Dx WARNING WARNING!!!

so far...

it feels good in my hand
the r4 card is practically awesome!! (i promise to get originals as well!!)
the buttons are nice to press
TOTALLY dig the color!!


cooking mama is wicked!! LOL!!! xD



  1. kenny!! 8D i bought it for rm600 it includes a bag, R4 gold card (can keep a LOT of games... not original of course *cough*), and micro sd card reader... mmm... but actually can get cheaper one ;D