Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

I can't express how awed, overwhelmed and.... omg all those feelings merge into 1 when I saw the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. It is absolutely incredible!! I don't think i can do it justice if i express it with my words!!! you guys just have to watch it yourself!!! trust me people... it is totally worth several minutes of your life.

Final Fantasy characters design are just phenomenal! I've never felt so... so... so... GOD!! I think my heart just stop again just now... amazing! the more reason to get a ps3! ;D *winks* mama~~ ps3~~ heh heh heh!! i know you want to buy it too~~~ hehehehehehehehehehe!!! xD

when i really look at it deeply, i realized, i really do love drawing and creating characters. I love playing games, i LOVE to look at the game designs, the characters and the choice of good music in the game... is this a sign for me? some sort of direction for me in which area I will pursue in the future? hmm... who knows~ but so far, I love where I am heading ;D

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