Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lost in void

After presenting my work for the "Promote Yourself" project in Digital Portfolio class, I felt so empty. Maybe it's because the tension has finally tuned down a bit, but it gets even worst when I saw amazing works from my fellow classmates. It makes me ponder about my work, my style, the quality the outcome and how the market will look upon it someday. Will they even glance at my work? Do i even have a chance out there? What can I really do??? What is my strength in this Multimedia Design ...WORLD?!!

Now i keep asking myself this. I am very very scared. But in a way, there are good things that comes during that period of presentation and the mentally torturous moment. At least it gives me the time to think more about improvement, self confidence, and making MORE MORE MORE effort in my work. Do more research and references!!! I realized i don't really do any referencing. It all just sort of pop up from my head just like that. It is a good thing at 1 point but I don't really think I improve much.

huh. I'm in dilemma. T_T maybe should go and see counselor.
I will do what I can to be better.

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