Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playstation 1 RPGs

OK... seriously people, I was really hyped up when I saw this video on youtube regarding a gamer sharing the collection of playstation 1 RPG games that he got... here's the video...

DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!!!! I mean HELLO?!!!! Legend of Legaia?! Chrono Cross??! Breath of Fire4?!! Wild Arms??!! Final Fantasy??! Suikoden?!!!! OMG!!! HOW EPIC CAN IT BE?!!! It's just too shocking!!.... wow... I still am in a daze... I mean... like... omg... it's just too phenomenal. I missed those days where I used to sit infront of the tv, barely sleeping, not even resting just to proceed to the next level in the rpg. hahaha! those were the days... (actually I did this during term break oso, just that it's on ps2 *cough*)

after watching that video up there, i get all nostalgic and all "awwwww" mode, and decided to go and search all those opening scene for those classic RPG... honestly, i had TONS of fun doing it~ awwww....

Breath of Fire 4 (somemore got the PS1 punya thingy appear b4 the intro LOL!! aaah memory...)

Thousand Arms (ayumi hamasaki wtf)

Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy 9

YEAH!!! got some others, but I like the ones that I posted up there the most ;D haha! haa.. i really feel like playing game =_= darnnit...

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