Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update again!!

;D well... seeing that i still haven't use the money that my mom gave me to buy clothes and handphone *cough* I decided to ditch the idea of getting a new phone, but instead, I'm gonna get myself a Nintendo DSlite!!! OwO/ YES! of course I know I should be aiming for Nintendo DSi instead of lite... but hey!! ;D I don't really mind. since I'm scared that i won't be using most of the function in DSi u_u i mean... camera function? music? etc? ... I don't think i would ever use it. which will be a total waste.

SO ANYWAY!!! i just paid RM600 for the Nintendo DSlite today. I bought it in bundle, so there's like extra stuff that comes together with it. ;D really lookin' forward to it since I ordered the Icy Blue color

ehehehehehehehehehehehehehe i heard it's the special edition one. ehehehehehehehe!! I don't care that I'm a bit outdated on this stuff (I mean..hello?!! DSi??!!!) the color killed me...

why the sudden nintendo ds addiction you ask? ;D it's all because of Okamiden!!

"Okamiden follows the events of the original Okami by a few months, in a world now restored to peace. Issun, Amaterasu’ guide from the original, accompanies Chibiterasu to Sakuya, the girl who called Okami to the world in the original. Sakuya asks Chibiterasu for some form of help. You take control of Chibiterasu in a game whose fundamentals appear rooted in the original Okami. Just as you did in the original, you’ll be exploring the game’s brilliantly colored (well, for the DS) world while combatting monsters and solving puzzles. Much of the gameplay is being kept under wraps at present, but the combat system does appear to resemble that of the original." -

seriously..I wanna die watching the 2nd youtube video!! can't help it!! Okami is one of the greatest game ever!!! so I just have to get it! Dx but of course there are other games too xD YAY! can't wait. I hope they do this game justice. It deserves a very very very good.....well very good everything!!! O_O i mean its OKAMI!!! hello!!!???

Most probably I will get the console by 13-14 october. which is a hell long way to go T_T uuuh uuuh... BERUSAHA!!!! *bite blanket*

yeap~~ that's it!!! ;D

on other notes... got myself a t-shirt designed by Jimmy Tan which got funded by Threadless ;D FOR FREE!! yes people... ;D he came to give some talk in college, and I manage to answer a question by him. This is the tshirt!! (since my camera no battery, well... I just paste some pic i found online xD heh)

YEAP!! i think that's it for now u_u i better start my assignments T_T toodles~

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