Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utsurowazarumono - Breath of Fire 4

MANGA!!!! YES!!! THERE'S ACTUALLY A MANGA FOR IT BLARDY HELL!!!!!!!! imagine how shocked and overwhelmed I am when I accidently saw the manga name on 1 of the online manga site that i always visit!!! aaaaa~~ bliss~~~ *shine shine eyes*

it's still a new one. released in 2008 =∇= i'm so happy i can die~ Breath of Fire 4 has been (and still is) 1 of my favourite RPG game of all time. nice character designs, nice environment design, amazing storyline and of course nice gameplay and soundtrack to boot!! 8D

thanks to CAPCOM artist who created the characters and script for this game himself- Ichimura Hitoshi- who's also responsible for the manga! He did a manga for Tales of Symphonia too =∇= this guy is awesome~~

ANYWAY!! here's some info and pages from the manga ;w;

a perfect 1st volume cover for the perfect game turned manga *shiny eyes yet again* OH! white hair - Fou-Lu, blue hair - Ryu.

Fou - Lu is just effing HOT!!! Ryu is too adorable!! *shiny eyes again*

Love it how there's always this extra scene behind each chapters xD and it's ALWAYS humorous!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

scene during the Marlok part (if u guys play the game before, you know which part this is)


YEAP!!! ;w; make me feel like drawing manga pula ISH! ;w; I also finished reading the Tales of Symphonia. Interesting, but not as good as Breath of Fire 4 punya manga

I'll rate it 4.5/5 (somehow the pace of the story should slow down just a tad bit~~ i think)

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