Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updates for 2 weeks!! O_O

wao... I haven't update for sooo long O_o now is the time!!! here goes!!!

btw... all photos are not by me. It was taken from various resources because i just suck at taking pictures ;D here are all respective owners to the photos ;3

Reuben (wish I could take pictures as nice as him =_=)
Aurelia (biasalah tu...)
Patrick (=_= how the hell did u guys take nice nice pic?!!)
Travin (*winks*)
Hani (tralala)

1 - Celebrate Raya at Hani's house

only one word... FUN. xD LOL!! it's like, celebrating raya + History of Arts group gathering... yeap... totally fun ;D

2 - Malaysia Lantern Fest.

=_= darn boring... there was almost NOTHING interesting going on during the event. I was hoping there would be a lot.. and i mean A LOT of lanterns floating around or something, but turns out to be quite a disappointment. A little bit confused to see A LOT of lions (for the lion dance) walking around. makes me wonder whether they were celebrating lantern festival or chinese new year. I also got the chance to loiter around and read those riddles that was dangling underneath the lanterns and of course failed at answering all of em. hahaha but hey!! ;D a bit surprised to see the prime minister and his wife themselves to 'turun padang' and 'merasmikan' the lantern event. I remembered there was a HUGE mooncake which the prime minister and everybody else cut... but the thing is, none of the citizens had even a tiny bite of that cake >_> disappointing... i would say yes.

3 - Multimedia Team Building Activity

apart from the incident where i forgot to bring my whole class's entrance/food fees (or whatever) ... I have to say this event was the most AWESOME event like... for this year!!! O_O we pushed off from TOA by... 10am? ironically we end up to be the last class to board the bus xD haha! then we head to Taman Tasik Perdana!! OH!! and did I mention that this activity combines ALL Multimedia major, so that means, juniors and seniors are all inside ;D awesome? i think so!! So they divided us into groups. I got into Jo and May Yin's group together with some of my classmates Szujin, Sheng Yu and Dickson. I get to know a lot of new friends that day!!! so happy!! ;D

the 1st activity was finding names for our group and create a flag and create a chant. xD eventually our group was named SCREAMING PAPAYA which i think was totally AWESOME! xD Our flag has a big Papaya with the word SCREAM on it. Very artistic LOL! even creating the flag was not easy. 2 of your group members have to run and compete with other members in order to get either crayons or glue and not to forget manilla card ;D well sad enough our group got the glue (which is a pain to work with) BUT we had a lot of manilla cards which, smartly, we made sort of like system barter with other group. Paper for crayons ;D heh heh~ awesome!

2nd activity was... i think it was the trust your team members. Your members have to align and make some sort of bridge with their hands and you have to let your body fall and trust them to catch you. Honestly, i'm not really fond of this kind of activity because it's scary T_T... but everybody looks like their having fun... but rain stopped us from doing the activity smoothly. it was raining very heavily!! which is really a bugger T_T all those time wasted under the shade. sigh. but after that we continue the activity... and it rained again afterwards... LOL so unlucky T_T but quite fun because can actually talk to other students and also lecturers ;D i really had fun!

3rd activity was... tying our legs together and try to think of a strategy on how to move in the most less troublesome way xD haha!! it was fun, but can feel my ankle a bit sore after that.

last but not least, catching balloon with clothes and toss it between 2 groups.... LOL! does that make sense? oh well...

but yeah!!! it was a great day. I hope there will be more of this in the future!!!

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