Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eyeballs popping

...i think that's what i'm feeling rite now. STRESSED! i just don't feel like continuing my flash animation!! ;A; it's terribly lame.. and just don't have the mood to do it! and the design method.. oh don't get me started on this one OAO darn!

n my eyes! omg! it starting to hurt whenever i look at lights! especially the fluorecent light! makes my head spin! i think it's because of all the staring on computer screen while doing work after effect..? I DUWANNA GO BLIND!!! OAO n i duwanna wear glasses oso! (ahem! xD) well yeaa... once i tot that wearing glasses was kinda fun and cool.. but after i watched the Mummy movie.. got this scene of a guy wearing glasses tried tu run out of the..err..tomb? was it? chased by those deadly flesh digger beetle.. LOL xD then he dropped his glasses.. and he can't see his way..ending up dead! i figured.. glasses are not that cool afterall *swt* ..

one of the odds i'll get chased by mummies xD hahaha! ..or maybe zombies OAO I HATE ZOMBIES! i'm really really really scared of zombies!! other ghosts.. not really.. but zombies... ugghh.. OAO always imagine myself like..being in this shopping mall carpark..alone.. surrounded by zombies.. OAO OMG! i duwanna talk..or even THINK about it! CHANGE TOPIC! ISH!

so random..... orz

so today's class.. bumped into some friends.. and when i told them about how many work i gotta do.. they were like.. "u don't look like u got a lot of work.." LOL! true xD i'm just not good in showing people a stressed face xD but then.. i spend my time with Nabs walking around sunway pyramid.. doing nothing.. window shopping and all.. TwT just to run away from the fact that i have to face assignments at home. Home suppose to be a place where we relax.. LOL but not for me.. well just yet xD so trying to avoid home as I possibly can. See what i bought


hahaha xD its cute! Got it from Memory Lane. Me n Nab were like.. "OMG!! so ngam with TOA students!" LOL! so yeaa.. TwT actually wanna go n survey some games.. but then.. lain pulak yang jadi hahahaha!

Then i saw..

PO!! xD hahahahaha!

SO CUTE!! ;A; i didn't bring my camera along this time like... DARN IT!!! ;A; so can't take picture with him ;w; this picture here also I took using my camera phone xD but i think still can see huh? yay~ n i tried the old town restaurant finally~ the food is nice! n thanks nab for bringing me there n sharing ur sinfully sweet french toast. it was delicious! =D

so yeaa..

me olala n karo did some cam whoring the day before this.. ;w; it was fun! xD but i didn't get any nice shot.. all the nice shots are with both of them .. pro.. tst tsk xD

talk about cam whoring.. stumbled across these pictures while I was cleaning up my handphone..
Nana xD my niece..

future cam whorer..tsk tsk.. her mom is a cam whorer herself.. *laugh* xD teach Nana stuff like this..tsk tsk u_u kids nowadays..

Kinda like this shot.. hmm..somehow nostalgic..i think it was taken in the car.. xD well i'm not good in editing photos.. ahem.. so yeaa.. bad quality.. all the pic were taken with my handphone xD quite ok la hor? i mean handphone punya camera quality.. hahaha

WELL!! better get back to work!

Stress stress go away~

Thursday, June 26, 2008


i've been wondering...hmm.. how come nobody even reply in my blog? i mean like.. reply directly on the blog rather than just leave message on my chat box! LOL! somehow i find this funny... OH WELL~! do what you guys want xD for me..i don't write blog for replies.. but i want to express myself! and share stuff with you guys! ...and rant..*ahem* so yeaa~OH!! not to forget oppinions and feedbacks! xD hehehehehe

ANYWAY!!! wanna share with you guys...

THE IMP animation!! xD

like ZOMG!! i was scouting on youtube the other day see.. then i stumbled across this black and white flash looking animation thingy. so like..what the heck~ *click* who knows that the moment I click it.. i have yet 1 more awesome animation to add on in my "list of superb animation in ifa's world!" lol!

a rabbit? and the imp... what an odd combination xD BUT!!!! OAO sarcastic the most extraordinary eeeeeeevil wannabe (the imp LOL) what else could you ask for? xD

even my wallpaper now is black color with the imp's picture saying "nearly evil" hahahaha! this animation just give me the... err... laughter..? swt u guys shud watch it!

cartoons these day..ain't as innocent as it was before xD this show was/is aired on cartoon network for out loud! xD i wonder if the kids can get the sarcastic parts hahaha

I LOVE IT!!! xD hahahahaha!! even now i feel like watching already OwO


OK!! enuff of that xD ASSIGNMENTS!!! OAO OH MY GAWD!! my flash.. MY FLASH!! it looks... terrible OAO ; it's just DARN hard to do!!!!! confusing!!! easy...a bit...but confusing! i just hope i can get pass this term ;A; ugh...

feel like going to sunway lagoon and play there the whole day! OAO oh well~~ can't wait for the term break ;w; can't wait to buy doughnuts for my family! hahahaha

RIGHT!!! back to procra...AHEM! i mean work!! =D


*blow nose* OH MY GAWD!! this movie is one of those must see one! *blow nose again*

it's a very beautiful story which makes those who watch it believes in love once again. well.. i won't spoil this story for you guys who haven't watch it yet but i have to's worth your time! for once, let yourself believe that there is such thing as true love in this world.

this is a very simple story actually. a story of 2 young lovers getting past all the hardships that went in their way and certainly got some twist in the story but there's more to that which i will leave it to you guys to discover. For those who cry easily even for a not-really-THAT-sad scene..well..prepare a lot of tissue~you'll be needing it!

main actor : Haruma Miura - as Hiro
main actress : Yui Aragaki - as Mika

such young and talented actor n actress *envy*


RIGHT!!!! i'm watching Monster Inc next! xD LOL

Saturday, June 21, 2008


well... i just wanna say... DARN!! DARN DARN!!! to all you people with Persona 3 figurines!!! OAO I WANT 1 FOR MYSELF!!!!!! t(OAOt ) NA!!! (a very desperate-dunno-how-to-but-stuff-online-girl who is jealous of people who knows how to) F!!! OAO


KIRIJOU-senpai!!!! AIN'T SHE GORGEOUS!!! ;w;

AEGIS!! OMG!!! no doubt the character design is awesome! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HER!

yes the emo boy ..MINATO!! ;w;

OMG!!!! I LOVE THIS GUY!! who else if not AKIHIKO-senpai!!!!!!!!! *drools*

METIS! yes....METIS... *speechless*


but somehow.. there shud be more guy figurines out there..hello~ we fangirls need some bishie figures also OK!! DARN IT!!! xD hahahahaha


this picture makes me.... ARRRGGGHHH!!!  everytime man!!

t(=3=t ) to the owner of this picture! hell ive been trying to get Persona 3 soundtracks myself!! Tried Anim* T*ch..and they said they dun have it!! WTF!!!!!!!!!! OAO HOW CAN THEY NOT HAVE IT!!!!!! -die anim* t*ch..die..- well i dun really like buying stuff from there also.. bad bad quality..EXTRA bad bad price.. >=O I WILL HUNT FOR THE SOUNDTRACKS!!! I DON'T CARE!!!!! kill meh~! HOW COME THEY CAN GET IT AND IT'S HARD FOR US TO GET IT!!! THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!

 If i want it... i'll get it. >=D

Friday, June 20, 2008

of doodle and one piece

yesterday didn't do anything...screw up my islamic studies quiz today oh well.. =D dun care~

did some doodle yesterday with my friend =3= she asked for some... overly pervert punya face WHICH! i dunno how to draw.. so i just give it a go~ her description of character; short boyish hair style, sweaty *cough* and tongue licking (wth!) so i did it ..

don't think it's perverted looking enough tho xD oh well~~~ took me less than 1 hour I think.. haven't use open canvas for a long time to draw something like this~ my hands getting rusty. and yea..because it's a doodle.. so it's messy =D hahaha

oh...second media.. i forgot.. it's in my windows os! sheet! next time lah! boo! 

Today, i saw an info related to this One Piece game on Nintendo Wii console! was out this year 2008, January..OMG!!! OAO ain't CHOPPER the most charming one among all! xD LOL! ok i have to admit.. sanji and zorro is very cool and good looking also! and their shirt! OMG! they changed! xD LOL! more stylish! well i suppose it's only in the game.. but then..when i look carefully at their clothing...i realized something..... HEY!!!!! OwO I GOT THEIR FIGURINES!!!!!! THE figurines!!!!!!!! OAO WHY DIDN'T I REALIZE IT BEFORE!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!

i was like..."hmm..i've seen that outfit before....OOOHHHH!!!!!!!" xD LOL!! i am a one piece fan TwT yes.. HARDCORE FAN!!!! DIE DIE PUNYA FAN!!!!!!! KIPAS-SUSAH-MATI!!! see..


 n i just hope this could be mine xDD whahahaha!! which sadly is not TwT it's my friends.. she ask me to hold it for her..because she knows i like it so much..(or maybe just because her room have no space for this..SAD!) but i think i'm gonna get the original artbook later on. ANYTHING FOR ONE PIECE!

now i'm not sure whether to buy ps3 or Wii already xD I REALLY WANNA PLAY THIS GAME!!! ;w; (and Persona4 *cough*) oh well.. 


i love sanji's leg!!! he sure can kick! 

3D sanji!!!! *fainted*

zorro... what else can i say about him?! *drools*

i think nami is the only female character that I will ever LOVE!! she's independent, smart, pretty.. tough.. hey she did hit zorro in the head once..or was it couple of xD.. if me i won't dare! and she sure can knock senses in the other's head xD LOVE HER!

the only not that nice thing bout the game is that.. well...when they translate into english..its not as nice as the original TAT (though i think some of the voice over for battle ones are original japanese voice) hmm.. can here zorro said "ONI GIRI!!!" perfectly xD but some like sanji's!! WROOONG!!! xD but i have to admit that Chopper's voice is always xD

i better get back to my assignments =A= b00!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

POSTER FINAL! final poster.. =A= i can die as happy student! NOT! b00! presentation will start in 3 minuits ARGH! wish me luck!!!
been thinking of putting my 2nd media here also..but lazy suddenly.. got butterflies in my tummy ugghh...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



thanks kryn for the info!!!! OMG!!! xD see..we persona fans are a bit gila punya xD hahahaha this RPG game by Atlus is AWESOME!! not to forget the awesome persona 3 game!! and the SOUNDTRACK!!! LIKE OH MY GOD!!!! OwO SO GUYS!!! keep your eyes open for the new PERSONA4!

the difference will be...well.. the evoker xD instead of gun, they will use glasses? O.o right kryn? LOL!! aww..but i think the guns are much more cooler.. well..just have to wait and see then! =D
will be release in Japan next year i think.. so keep our eyes open!! OoO

the trailers givme me this.. goosebumps?? xD or was it some kind of adrenaline... hmm I WANNA PLAY!!!!! here's some info video about it~

some pictures of the main characs in the game~


YAY!!! i turned 1 year older today TwT b00 xD hope i can be more mature in this age!! YES! ..*cough*

so.. when the clock strikes 12 am xD Mimi wished me happy bday! LOL! then asha~ like.. eh ? OwO wth!! xD they even gimme a call thru the computer~ so sweet aww~~~ thanks guys! then Karo.. then smses came in ;w; Judy , Juma, my Sis, and my highschool friend Adila called aww.. ;w; then olala who overslept~ then JN then hani!!! so many people wished me a belated also like...WTH!!! xD IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDD juma~ renz xD like.. aiyoo~~ but oh well~ THANKS OSO!!!

really!! THANKS GUYS!!! ;w; u guys are the best!! SEE WAT I GOT FOR BDAY PRESENT!!! xD 


ain't he just CUTE!!!! the most adorable creature that i've ever seen!!! THANK YOU GUYS!! I LOVE CHOPPER VERY MUCH!!! been wanting this since.. god knows when!! just dun have the heart to buy because it's expensive uuu~ now 1 of my wish list item is in my hand!! WAHAHAH!!! xD ...n i need to cut my nails. can't find the clipper swt xD

then..we eat at nando's~ me, karo, jn and orilia~ later on hani joined xD THANKS FOR THE CAKE! secret recipe's tiramisuuuu~~ hani ku sayaaang~~ xD and also the J.CO doughnut!!! ;w; i got to eat 2! wahahahahhahaha!! xD tira miss u flavor also!! xD and oreo..something.. OH!! and they treat me for my lunch! NANDO'S!!! xD THANKS GUYS!! terharuu~! ;w;

p/s xD pass me the pics guys! LOL

then..we went home.. ;w; bought 1 book on the way~ idN


tried to ask for discount..but failed xD hhahahaha oh well.. i bought it because there's so many typography stuff inside. will be very useful for me! yay! 

;w; and last but not least!! my friend kryn!!! she said she's gonna buy me the Persona3 fes game!! awww she shudn't have! U GUYS ARE SO KIND!!! ;w; ILU kryn!! xD hahahahaha!

so yeah~ 


Saturday, June 14, 2008

be universal

so..assignments huh.. *sigh* somehow this term i've been slacking =w= ; i just don't know why..oh wait..i think i know xD *cough*

visual fundamentals.. omg~! they will start teaching simplified figures next week!!! OAO ugghh.. i hope i can get thru this ..CGPP..don't even wanna think about it.. typography fundamentals.. whee~ my 30 layout sample just got rejected =D need to redo..note to myself >.> digital media 1.. hmm.. i think i better start on the animation already!!! OAO NO TIME!!!! Design method.. ha..ha..ha... my poster design.. u__u ; ARRRGGHH!!!! OAO not to forget Pendidikan Islam!! ESSAY!!!! FISH THE WORLD MAN!!!!! t(OAOt ) NA!

almost done with the posters.. maybe you guys can give me some feedbacks..suggest something hahahaha

O.o izzit just me.. or is my 1st n 2nd poster's color turned green and blue instead of brown and orange?!! O.o err... ANYWAYS!! i picked GMFC (global movements for children) as the organization for this posters. my theme is basically stop the war, protect the children. TwT i know so many ppl doing children as their theme..but what the heck~ i still haven't think the 2nd medias for my posters.. well been thinking ofputting the 1st one on the floor, but where i don't know. the 2nd one.. umm.. not sure also =A= ; on the door? or maybe inside some monorail? the 3rd one..on a bus! school bus! OwO the 4th poster i'm not sure yet..oh i am dead..

FORGET THAT!!! i'll manage! >=D

MOVIES! let's talk about movies!! watched kung fu panda recently~ YAY! and it is AWESOME! the camera movements, the colours, the characters, the sound effects, the actions!!! oh god!! this can go on forever! xD i just love Tai Lung! the moment they showed him inside the prison, I can feel his how do you say it..err...power? lol but it really gives me a bit of goosebumps. The executions was nicely done! and during the credits at the end of the movie, i can see that many people stayed back for awhile which can be rarely seen! It is worth to be watched guys! GO AND GRAB 1 TICKET FOR YOURSELF! =D yay~ i just love oogway xD hahahaha

1 more movie i would love to suggest you guys is Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham. yes i know it's not Japanese or english movie >.> but why not u guys give it a try? I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! it's not just like the typical Bollywood movie, it focus more on family which i daresay can make your tears flowing non-stop! xD all the A-list actors and actresses inside makes the movie a to-die-for. and for sure every bollywood movie got singing and dancing inside (which is the part u guys loathe >.> tsktsk ) but that is the main thing about bollywood movie!!!!! just imagine if they ditch the singing and dancing..THEN WHAT'S THE POINT?!! it'll be just the same like other movies! and for once, this movie got superb songs and nice choreographs! try and listen to it!! why not spend like 7 minutes for the dancing and singing? it's worth it! and the lyrics.. very meaningful and touching ;w; so yeaa~ TRY IT GUYS! throw away the perception that every bollywood movie will have some hero and heroin dancing behind a tree or rolling on the grass~ that's just stupid and narrow minded.

left to right : Kajol, Shahrukh Khan, Jaya bachan, Amitabh Bachan, Kareena Kapoor and Hritik Roshan (melts)

phew.. I finished 1 more novel which took me 8 hours plus (omg) yeaa.. not really that interesting though

somehow doesn't give me that much ethusiasm ... ? xD like the other novels i read. so yeaa... won't really recommend to you guys. but who knows? maybe my type of novel is different than you guys~ haha

RIGHT!!! i better get back to assignments.. darnnit.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


yeah right~ more like procrastinating xD LOL! after we hand in the Computer Graphic Production Procedures (CGPP) .. which some of the marks got deducted due to some tiny mistakes u_u can't help it.. lol oh well.. me n Karo went shopping >.> yes... in the middle of those mountain high assignments!! OAO omg! but yeaaaaa... once in awhile xD so we went n have lunch 1st.. at Papa Rich.. mind you the Nasi Lemak is delicious! OwOV well.. it's a bit pricey..but nice xD then we went to wearhouse~ OwO karo bought like 2 shirts there..& for the 2nd shirt..we went back to wearhouse after walking around Sunway Pyramid after deciding to take the dress looking shirt at last~ she got energy xD

I BOUGHT A NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD at Jusco~ yes.. the shop inside Jusco called..ermm.. orange fusion? or something else orange xD rofl! at 1st i look at the price.. RM39.90.. nice.. OwO then I took it (after thinking and feeling guilty on whether i should spend my money or not for like couple of seconds xD) and whaddya know!!!! OwO


from.."aww..shud i buy it~? yes i should" to "OMG!!! I'LL TAKE IT!!!!" xD hahaha!!


YAY!! that shop is gonna be my 2nd fav store in Sunway Pyramid xD LOL will drop by again later on..maybe end of the month? >.< save money!!!!


p/s the shops in sunway pyramid got lotsa sales lately... >w< watta hawl!! xD
p/s 2 TwT no novels fer me~ *sobs* xD

Monday, June 9, 2008

yet 1 more..

AAARRGGHH!!! OAO i finished 1 more novel today!! just bought it yesterday..and finished it today!! if i count's not even 1 day!!! OAO not even 12 hours!! probably 7 or 8 hours OAO OMG!! i'm very sorry dear assignments!! ;A; i just can't concentrate on u guys when i put my hands on a new and interesting novel! ;3; darnnit!!!!!!

a story about a normal looking pub girl..who actually writes *cough* novel secretly xD who decided to have a one night stand with some strangers for fun until it ended her up in pregnancy. So Eleanor and her bestfriend, Hugh, tried to find the mysterious guy who slept with Eleanor, and in the same time found the meaning of true friendship, family and love on their way~ LOL! 

so's a very nice book to read ;w; so romantic~~~~~~ awww... somehow i'm into romance novel these days =A= ; sissy stuff is getting thru me!!!! OAO OMG! but hey! they got some family and friendship inside too you know >3> i'm gonna buy a new novel next time =D

BOUGHT A NEW SHIRT!!! xD well... an outside shirt.. (outside shirt? =A= ; wth ) but yeaa~ 

outside : RM19.90
inside : RM59.00

took this using the PC camera..hence the oh-my-god!! quality xD rofl! i bought the formal wear (inside one) last term break.. so i can say it's still new. never wear it before. n today while ROAMING around with dear olala xD she saw the grey color shirt on a manequin n i like it xD so i took it! it's considered cheap ok! >=O

still i'm not quite satisfied with the Carlo Rino shoe sales! OAO I saw a very gorgeous shoe which only turned out to be out of size! DARNNIT! and the shop..booth? girl said "oh i'm sorry~it's the last one~" DARNNIT! i shud've go there the 1st day they opened! oh well..not my luck.. n i dun have the picture of it ;w; sad... its so hard for me to find shoes that i like xD and Joanne's blog just made me fall in love with shoes! xD hahaha. go drop by her blog~ she's our lecturer..and tutor xD love her!

well...better get back to work!!! trying my best to resist the urge of watching ATLANTIS - the lost empire and LADY AND THE TRAMP!