Tuesday, June 10, 2008


yeah right~ more like procrastinating xD LOL! after we hand in the Computer Graphic Production Procedures (CGPP) .. which some of the marks got deducted due to some tiny mistakes u_u can't help it.. lol oh well.. me n Karo went shopping >.> yes... in the middle of those mountain high assignments!! OAO omg! but yeaaaaa... once in awhile xD so we went n have lunch 1st.. at Papa Rich.. mind you the Nasi Lemak is delicious! OwOV well.. it's a bit pricey..but nice xD then we went to wearhouse~ OwO karo bought like 2 shirts there..& for the 2nd shirt..we went back to wearhouse after walking around Sunway Pyramid after deciding to take the dress looking shirt at last~ she got energy xD

I BOUGHT A NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD at Jusco~ yes.. the shop inside Jusco called..ermm.. orange fusion? or something else orange xD rofl! at 1st i look at the price.. RM39.90.. nice.. OwO then I took it (after thinking and feeling guilty on whether i should spend my money or not for like couple of seconds xD) and whaddya know!!!! OwO


from.."aww..shud i buy it~? yes i should" to "OMG!!! I'LL TAKE IT!!!!" xD hahaha!!


YAY!! that shop is gonna be my 2nd fav store in Sunway Pyramid xD LOL will drop by again later on..maybe end of the month? >.< save money!!!!


p/s the shops in sunway pyramid got lotsa sales lately... >w< watta hawl!! xD
p/s 2 TwT no novels fer me~ *sobs* xD

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