Thursday, June 26, 2008


*blow nose* OH MY GAWD!! this movie is one of those must see one! *blow nose again*

it's a very beautiful story which makes those who watch it believes in love once again. well.. i won't spoil this story for you guys who haven't watch it yet but i have to's worth your time! for once, let yourself believe that there is such thing as true love in this world.

this is a very simple story actually. a story of 2 young lovers getting past all the hardships that went in their way and certainly got some twist in the story but there's more to that which i will leave it to you guys to discover. For those who cry easily even for a not-really-THAT-sad scene..well..prepare a lot of tissue~you'll be needing it!

main actor : Haruma Miura - as Hiro
main actress : Yui Aragaki - as Mika

such young and talented actor n actress *envy*


RIGHT!!!! i'm watching Monster Inc next! xD LOL


  1. WTH!!! xD i tot like somebody got reply something bout this movie or something! LOL!! brokeback mountain pula xD