Friday, June 20, 2008

of doodle and one piece

yesterday didn't do anything...screw up my islamic studies quiz today oh well.. =D dun care~

did some doodle yesterday with my friend =3= she asked for some... overly pervert punya face WHICH! i dunno how to draw.. so i just give it a go~ her description of character; short boyish hair style, sweaty *cough* and tongue licking (wth!) so i did it ..

don't think it's perverted looking enough tho xD oh well~~~ took me less than 1 hour I think.. haven't use open canvas for a long time to draw something like this~ my hands getting rusty. and yea..because it's a doodle.. so it's messy =D hahaha

oh...second media.. i forgot.. it's in my windows os! sheet! next time lah! boo! 

Today, i saw an info related to this One Piece game on Nintendo Wii console! was out this year 2008, January..OMG!!! OAO ain't CHOPPER the most charming one among all! xD LOL! ok i have to admit.. sanji and zorro is very cool and good looking also! and their shirt! OMG! they changed! xD LOL! more stylish! well i suppose it's only in the game.. but then..when i look carefully at their clothing...i realized something..... HEY!!!!! OwO I GOT THEIR FIGURINES!!!!!! THE figurines!!!!!!!! OAO WHY DIDN'T I REALIZE IT BEFORE!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!

i was like..."hmm..i've seen that outfit before....OOOHHHH!!!!!!!" xD LOL!! i am a one piece fan TwT yes.. HARDCORE FAN!!!! DIE DIE PUNYA FAN!!!!!!! KIPAS-SUSAH-MATI!!! see..


 n i just hope this could be mine xDD whahahaha!! which sadly is not TwT it's my friends.. she ask me to hold it for her..because she knows i like it so much..(or maybe just because her room have no space for this..SAD!) but i think i'm gonna get the original artbook later on. ANYTHING FOR ONE PIECE!

now i'm not sure whether to buy ps3 or Wii already xD I REALLY WANNA PLAY THIS GAME!!! ;w; (and Persona4 *cough*) oh well.. 


i love sanji's leg!!! he sure can kick! 

3D sanji!!!! *fainted*

zorro... what else can i say about him?! *drools*

i think nami is the only female character that I will ever LOVE!! she's independent, smart, pretty.. tough.. hey she did hit zorro in the head once..or was it couple of xD.. if me i won't dare! and she sure can knock senses in the other's head xD LOVE HER!

the only not that nice thing bout the game is that.. well...when they translate into english..its not as nice as the original TAT (though i think some of the voice over for battle ones are original japanese voice) hmm.. can here zorro said "ONI GIRI!!!" perfectly xD but some like sanji's!! WROOONG!!! xD but i have to admit that Chopper's voice is always xD

i better get back to my assignments =A= b00!

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