Monday, June 9, 2008

yet 1 more..

AAARRGGHH!!! OAO i finished 1 more novel today!! just bought it yesterday..and finished it today!! if i count's not even 1 day!!! OAO not even 12 hours!! probably 7 or 8 hours OAO OMG!! i'm very sorry dear assignments!! ;A; i just can't concentrate on u guys when i put my hands on a new and interesting novel! ;3; darnnit!!!!!!

a story about a normal looking pub girl..who actually writes *cough* novel secretly xD who decided to have a one night stand with some strangers for fun until it ended her up in pregnancy. So Eleanor and her bestfriend, Hugh, tried to find the mysterious guy who slept with Eleanor, and in the same time found the meaning of true friendship, family and love on their way~ LOL! 

so's a very nice book to read ;w; so romantic~~~~~~ awww... somehow i'm into romance novel these days =A= ; sissy stuff is getting thru me!!!! OAO OMG! but hey! they got some family and friendship inside too you know >3> i'm gonna buy a new novel next time =D

BOUGHT A NEW SHIRT!!! xD well... an outside shirt.. (outside shirt? =A= ; wth ) but yeaa~ 

outside : RM19.90
inside : RM59.00

took this using the PC camera..hence the oh-my-god!! quality xD rofl! i bought the formal wear (inside one) last term break.. so i can say it's still new. never wear it before. n today while ROAMING around with dear olala xD she saw the grey color shirt on a manequin n i like it xD so i took it! it's considered cheap ok! >=O

still i'm not quite satisfied with the Carlo Rino shoe sales! OAO I saw a very gorgeous shoe which only turned out to be out of size! DARNNIT! and the shop..booth? girl said "oh i'm sorry~it's the last one~" DARNNIT! i shud've go there the 1st day they opened! oh well..not my luck.. n i dun have the picture of it ;w; sad... its so hard for me to find shoes that i like xD and Joanne's blog just made me fall in love with shoes! xD hahaha. go drop by her blog~ she's our lecturer..and tutor xD love her!

well...better get back to work!!! trying my best to resist the urge of watching ATLANTIS - the lost empire and LADY AND THE TRAMP!


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