Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eyeballs popping

...i think that's what i'm feeling rite now. STRESSED! i just don't feel like continuing my flash animation!! ;A; it's terribly lame.. and just don't have the mood to do it! and the design method.. oh don't get me started on this one OAO darn!

n my eyes! omg! it starting to hurt whenever i look at lights! especially the fluorecent light! makes my head spin! i think it's because of all the staring on computer screen while doing work after effect..? I DUWANNA GO BLIND!!! OAO n i duwanna wear glasses oso! (ahem! xD) well yeaa... once i tot that wearing glasses was kinda fun and cool.. but after i watched the Mummy movie.. got this scene of a guy wearing glasses tried tu run out of the..err..tomb? was it? chased by those deadly flesh digger beetle.. LOL xD then he dropped his glasses.. and he can't see his way..ending up dead! i figured.. glasses are not that cool afterall *swt* ..

one of the odds i'll get chased by mummies xD hahaha! ..or maybe zombies OAO I HATE ZOMBIES! i'm really really really scared of zombies!! other ghosts.. not really.. but zombies... ugghh.. OAO always imagine myself like..being in this shopping mall carpark..alone.. surrounded by zombies.. OAO OMG! i duwanna talk..or even THINK about it! CHANGE TOPIC! ISH!

so random..... orz

so today's class.. bumped into some friends.. and when i told them about how many work i gotta do.. they were like.. "u don't look like u got a lot of work.." LOL! true xD i'm just not good in showing people a stressed face xD but then.. i spend my time with Nabs walking around sunway pyramid.. doing nothing.. window shopping and all.. TwT just to run away from the fact that i have to face assignments at home. Home suppose to be a place where we relax.. LOL but not for me.. well just yet xD so trying to avoid home as I possibly can. See what i bought


hahaha xD its cute! Got it from Memory Lane. Me n Nab were like.. "OMG!! so ngam with TOA students!" LOL! so yeaa.. TwT actually wanna go n survey some games.. but then.. lain pulak yang jadi hahahaha!

Then i saw..

PO!! xD hahahahaha!

SO CUTE!! ;A; i didn't bring my camera along this time like... DARN IT!!! ;A; so can't take picture with him ;w; this picture here also I took using my camera phone xD but i think still can see huh? yay~ n i tried the old town restaurant finally~ the food is nice! n thanks nab for bringing me there n sharing ur sinfully sweet french toast. it was delicious! =D

so yeaa..

me olala n karo did some cam whoring the day before this.. ;w; it was fun! xD but i didn't get any nice shot.. all the nice shots are with both of them .. pro.. tst tsk xD

talk about cam whoring.. stumbled across these pictures while I was cleaning up my handphone..
Nana xD my niece..

future cam whorer..tsk tsk.. her mom is a cam whorer herself.. *laugh* xD teach Nana stuff like this..tsk tsk u_u kids nowadays..

Kinda like this shot.. hmm..somehow nostalgic..i think it was taken in the car.. xD well i'm not good in editing photos.. ahem.. so yeaa.. bad quality.. all the pic were taken with my handphone xD quite ok la hor? i mean handphone punya camera quality.. hahaha

WELL!! better get back to work!

Stress stress go away~


  1. now do u feel stress buying a cup worth 19.90? -__- wth.


    slap u lah! do the flash nice nice! cant wait to see the end product. XD

  2. =D no LOL!! xD i wanna spend some money n make myself miserable.. ;w; destress LOL! ...doesn't make sense *swt*

    >A> i duwanna do flash!! b00!

  3. "i wanna spend some money n make myself miserable" <--- oh yeah~

    yeah loh the flash colour damn nice