Friday, June 6, 2008


YES!! lemme share with you guys! OwO (well for those who didn't know them)

found a new awesome band to drool on while i was doing research on websites interfaces. Introducing... MINUIT!!! pronounced as "min-wee" a New Zealand electronic rock band. let's just say i fell in love at the 1st sight with this band. Yes.. they are that good ;w; their official website is superb too! the interfaces are so cool! all thanks to the creative designer RESN here.. drop by the web. The designer's web i mean..

i wanna design an awesome web like that too!! ;w; aww

currently listening to the songs on their web. go and check it out! =D the songs just sparks my brain..and inspiration keep flowing in~ YEAH! i could need inspirations now! OwO thank you very much~!


so many assignments to do! OAO help me~

i wanna go out somewhere >A> walking around.. go spend time in bookshops.. buy new books.. i wanna buy devil wears prada! OAO darnnit! i am WAAAAAAAAYYY outdated man! it's all thanks to Karo for the devil wears prada movie xD if not..i don't think i'll ever watch this movie LOL i heard of it before actually.. just that i never really bother about it >.<>

xD actually amidst all those stressful assignments~ i've been reading books >w> ; (feel guilty) well i can't help it!!! OAO most of the books that i read has a very interesting story!! the books that i've read last month..yes..last month u__u  :-

a very nice story about a widow trying to get through her husband's death through the letters that he sent her before his death. ;w; it's a very romantic book! thank god i bought it at a book fair.. discount xD hahaha.. the husband is so romantic.. i want 1 for myself hahahahaha!! xD u guys should check it out! there's a movie about it also! OwO but not a very nice one.. u__u sorry..i prefer the book =D finished it in...3-4 days? i just couldn't put it down! xD made me cry too~ uhuu~

OH YEAH! this one is also the i-can't-put-it-down book! hahaha! it's a very interesting book! just dun like the crying parts >.> geez.. that woman.. just imagine 1 day u were chilling out in this bar listening to this wannabe Elvis singing, and the next thing you know..u were married to that guy =3 yeaa~ nice to read =D took me 2-3 days to finish? .. hmm

OH!! this one i borrowed from my friend xD honestly at 1st i don't feel like reading it.. but i forced myself.. and once's a i-can't-put-it-down book!!! xD! xD once again..a story about a divorced woman trying to forget her ex-husband.. finding new boyfriend and all the issues inside a women's bathroom that even i never thought of before! xD hahaha..took me..2-3 days to finish it xD oh god.. my assignments 

the collection of books from Little Black Dress is filled with humor, romance, conflict and well.. life! go and grab a copy for yourself! the price is very nice~! anybody can buy it~ 


my friend said it's like The Devil Wears Prada thing xD actually i read this one 1st before the men's guide to a women's bathroom.. but i dunno why i dropped it O.o ill read it again later.. TwT assignments~~~~~

drop by their web for list of nice-nice books xD

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