Saturday, June 7, 2008

i'm gonna die soon

YES!!! once again... canned food!! i just lost count of how many of those  long-lasting-preserved-food i consumed!! OAO OMG!! when i die.. i don't think i will rot LOL! prepare for the arrival of a new mummy with a little description "mummy of a canned food consumer. number of canned food consumed - basically infinity" soon guys! xD

it's all because of the blardy "no meat in the house" rule >A> seriously man.. i have nothing towards vegetarian people seriously ..but no meat?!!! it's not like we're going to shove down the whole cow into their mouth now would we? (tho it's a cool idea for revenge OwO LOL ) but think of it in a positive way.. no PORK-cupine in the house...yes.. =D a good thing xD  

well... i'll get back to getting-prepared-for-future-mummification >.> .......... rofl

oh and btw guys.. 


yes.. a very sad but very glad truth.. so i can't eat there anymore =P and i won't tolerate any question on my beliefs just because of i can't eat pork or drink alcoholic drinks... we have reason for that.. please be considerate. wanna know the reason? then ask properly. For question like "Why are you a muslim?" well... i'm just glad I am. Note that.

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