Thursday, June 26, 2008


i've been wondering...hmm.. how come nobody even reply in my blog? i mean like.. reply directly on the blog rather than just leave message on my chat box! LOL! somehow i find this funny... OH WELL~! do what you guys want xD for me..i don't write blog for replies.. but i want to express myself! and share stuff with you guys! ...and rant..*ahem* so yeaa~OH!! not to forget oppinions and feedbacks! xD hehehehehe

ANYWAY!!! wanna share with you guys...

THE IMP animation!! xD

like ZOMG!! i was scouting on youtube the other day see.. then i stumbled across this black and white flash looking animation thingy. so like..what the heck~ *click* who knows that the moment I click it.. i have yet 1 more awesome animation to add on in my "list of superb animation in ifa's world!" lol!

a rabbit? and the imp... what an odd combination xD BUT!!!! OAO sarcastic the most extraordinary eeeeeeevil wannabe (the imp LOL) what else could you ask for? xD

even my wallpaper now is black color with the imp's picture saying "nearly evil" hahahaha! this animation just give me the... err... laughter..? swt u guys shud watch it!

cartoons these day..ain't as innocent as it was before xD this show was/is aired on cartoon network for out loud! xD i wonder if the kids can get the sarcastic parts hahaha

I LOVE IT!!! xD hahahahaha!! even now i feel like watching already OwO


OK!! enuff of that xD ASSIGNMENTS!!! OAO OH MY GAWD!! my flash.. MY FLASH!! it looks... terrible OAO ; it's just DARN hard to do!!!!! confusing!!! easy...a bit...but confusing! i just hope i can get pass this term ;A; ugh...

feel like going to sunway lagoon and play there the whole day! OAO oh well~~ can't wait for the term break ;w; can't wait to buy doughnuts for my family! hahahaha

RIGHT!!! back to procra...AHEM! i mean work!! =D


  1. hurhurhur admit it, u want replies!! so i'm here to give u some harharhar!!!!

    hurhur that black and white thing is really something>P

  2. aiks... sister, janganlah macam tu! yer... sounds like ppl dun wan to reply u or drop u comments one...

    haha, wan go sunway lagoon ar? haha. me lagi earlier than u!!! hahaha

    i cant wait for my Interface design to be done! hahaha~ will hit the class with a big SHOCK!! buahaah *ak hem hem hem* ^^

    check out mine too, ya!!!

    gambateh sister!!!

    abang support!

  3. jn : shaddaaaap >.> so lame!!! >=O but yeaaa..tha black n white thing is something! xD

    bro : =w= well dun carelah if they wanna drop comments or not.. because i didn't really put stuff that people can comment on oso LOL! xD so yeaa~

    i go visit ur blog =w=V

  4. haloooo ifa =o=

    the imp! xD
    british accent lagi tu! <3

  5. olala:'yes! the best thing is the British accent!'

  6. apa jn always change the name punya xD LOL!!!

    YEAH!! the british accent is the most awesome part! xD hahahaha!