Saturday, June 14, 2008

be universal

so..assignments huh.. *sigh* somehow this term i've been slacking =w= ; i just don't know why..oh wait..i think i know xD *cough*

visual fundamentals.. omg~! they will start teaching simplified figures next week!!! OAO ugghh.. i hope i can get thru this ..CGPP..don't even wanna think about it.. typography fundamentals.. whee~ my 30 layout sample just got rejected =D need to redo..note to myself >.> digital media 1.. hmm.. i think i better start on the animation already!!! OAO NO TIME!!!! Design method.. ha..ha..ha... my poster design.. u__u ; ARRRGGHH!!!! OAO not to forget Pendidikan Islam!! ESSAY!!!! FISH THE WORLD MAN!!!!! t(OAOt ) NA!

almost done with the posters.. maybe you guys can give me some feedbacks..suggest something hahahaha

O.o izzit just me.. or is my 1st n 2nd poster's color turned green and blue instead of brown and orange?!! O.o err... ANYWAYS!! i picked GMFC (global movements for children) as the organization for this posters. my theme is basically stop the war, protect the children. TwT i know so many ppl doing children as their theme..but what the heck~ i still haven't think the 2nd medias for my posters.. well been thinking ofputting the 1st one on the floor, but where i don't know. the 2nd one.. umm.. not sure also =A= ; on the door? or maybe inside some monorail? the 3rd one..on a bus! school bus! OwO the 4th poster i'm not sure yet..oh i am dead..

FORGET THAT!!! i'll manage! >=D

MOVIES! let's talk about movies!! watched kung fu panda recently~ YAY! and it is AWESOME! the camera movements, the colours, the characters, the sound effects, the actions!!! oh god!! this can go on forever! xD i just love Tai Lung! the moment they showed him inside the prison, I can feel his how do you say it..err...power? lol but it really gives me a bit of goosebumps. The executions was nicely done! and during the credits at the end of the movie, i can see that many people stayed back for awhile which can be rarely seen! It is worth to be watched guys! GO AND GRAB 1 TICKET FOR YOURSELF! =D yay~ i just love oogway xD hahahaha

1 more movie i would love to suggest you guys is Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham. yes i know it's not Japanese or english movie >.> but why not u guys give it a try? I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! it's not just like the typical Bollywood movie, it focus more on family which i daresay can make your tears flowing non-stop! xD all the A-list actors and actresses inside makes the movie a to-die-for. and for sure every bollywood movie got singing and dancing inside (which is the part u guys loathe >.> tsktsk ) but that is the main thing about bollywood movie!!!!! just imagine if they ditch the singing and dancing..THEN WHAT'S THE POINT?!! it'll be just the same like other movies! and for once, this movie got superb songs and nice choreographs! try and listen to it!! why not spend like 7 minutes for the dancing and singing? it's worth it! and the lyrics.. very meaningful and touching ;w; so yeaa~ TRY IT GUYS! throw away the perception that every bollywood movie will have some hero and heroin dancing behind a tree or rolling on the grass~ that's just stupid and narrow minded.

left to right : Kajol, Shahrukh Khan, Jaya bachan, Amitabh Bachan, Kareena Kapoor and Hritik Roshan (melts)

phew.. I finished 1 more novel which took me 8 hours plus (omg) yeaa.. not really that interesting though

somehow doesn't give me that much ethusiasm ... ? xD like the other novels i read. so yeaa... won't really recommend to you guys. but who knows? maybe my type of novel is different than you guys~ haha

RIGHT!!! i better get back to assignments.. darnnit.

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